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It seems that even Thierry’s legendary powers of recovery are being tested by his latest groinjury. He’s missed three games already, and will definitely miss a few more, but despite an article on Arsenal.com telling us his chances of playing in the cup final are lower than ever, it’s still up in the air.

Both he and Freddie are out. “Both of them are working very hard on their fitness,” the boss says, “and are coming along slowly. They are still out for West Brom and it is difficult to make any prediction about when they will be back. It could be the whole of the season but I just don’t know at the moment”.

The Sun interprets this same news differently, suggesting scans have shown things aren’t so bad, and that he may resume training with a view to making the final.

With our league game still four days away, that’s about all that’s available in the form of information, unless you’re interested in the news that young Olafur Ingi Skulason is set to leave. I have a vague recollection of seeing him play in a Rumbelows Cup game, but I can’t really remember. That’s probably not a good sign, though in his defence, I do have the memory of a drunk octogenarian goldfish.

Did I tell you Thierry might miss the final?


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  1. Alan

    That was quite a funny posting this morning. I chuckled, but it will not be funny if we lose Thierry for the Final. He owes us one at Cardiff and we certainly owe the ManUre cheats a good hiding. (Not a good kicking, that’s what they do to us). I’m feeling pretty positive about the Final, but it’s still a long way off and the PMT hasn’t kicked in yet!

  2. halfNice


  3. Pip

    Pre Match Tension.

  4. halfNice


  5. RotorGoat

    Pre Manchester Tension, too

  6. halfNice

    A-ha! (again)

  7. RotorGoat

    What are you doing up at 5.37am, halfNice?

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