What’s Up With My Shirt?

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What the devil is going on here then? This is a photo of the back of my new shirt, purchased yesterday. Am I being thick here or have I been sold the biggest duff since Glenn Helder? And before you ask, yes, it is the right way up. It’s the back of my shirt, the right way up, and there’s something very wrong. Either that or it’s a bit like having the word ‘Ambulance’ written backwards on an ambulance – there’s some logic to it that I am missing. Is there?


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. halfNice

    What on earth are you on about, mate?

  2. Geoff

    Maybe the shirt was made for circus clowns who walk on their hands!! I hope you bought that online, if you actually purchased it in a shop you would feel like a real doughnut.

  3. Green Gooner

    Maybe it’s meant for the Australian market…

  4. icky

    i get a headache just glancing at it

  5. Customer Relations

    You’re bu@@ered now, they’ll never give you a refund, they’ll probably claim you’ve quickly done that yourself cos you want your money back :)))

  6. Limpar

    That’s the funniest i’ve read all week!

  7. Vince

    I bought three on Saturday…as soon as I get home I’m checking ’em…..think I would have noticed though!!!

    Apparently Hleb is a classic no. 10….not at Arsenal he ain’t!!!

  8. Withnail and Ian Ure

    Well mine’s the right way up so looks like you got a duff.
    You should put it up for sale on E-bay as a collectable.

  9. Dan

    How is he buggered, surely they will see it as a mistake and exchange it…. how could of he have done himself??????? its stiched on you muppet!

  10. RotorGoat

    the bloke who stitched it on in Thailand must have had a long day…

  11. Andy

    Just turn the shirt the right way up

  12. RotorGoat

    I think I’ll keep hold of it for comedy value. The lucky upsidedownprint shirt!

  13. Kev

    I ordered my new shirt on the net with ‘Bergkamp 10’ which was printed on the piss. i had to take it back because it looked crap where the number didnt line up with the writing at the bottom. Had no trouble getting it changed though.

  14. T

    I hope you kept the receipt mate or your in trouble

  15. matt

    Those Thai children take no pride in their work, they’re probably paid too much.

  16. DB10

    hleb maybe a classic no. 10 but bergkamp remains bergkamp!!

  17. Ambrose

    hahha, thats well funny, i think i better check mine when i get home!
    id keep it, just for the comedy value.

  18. bulz

    the wonderful day when lampard will get injured will come this new season and then we shall see how chavski are going to score any goals, considering they dont have a new striker yet.

  19. bongo et al

    Why are people so eager to buy football shirts?
    And why do people want to wear the same clothes as everybody else?
    I could understand – if you took half the blackcurrent kid and joined it with the 1971 famous red kit.
    At least that would be different! Or radical? Innovative? Why do people want be so sheep-like? Such Yes- men?
    No matter what team -they support they look Foolish!
    Supporters should (as the editorial illustrates)- STOP BUYING TAT!
    Give your hard earned monies to The Tsunami Fund, instead! Or whatever charity you admire!

    Bongo et al

  20. Chris

    It’s a tribal thing, wearing the shirt of the team you support. Since religion’s gone down the pan, and we don’t have tribes or clans, football supporters feel a part of something and want to show this.

  21. Scilly Gooner

    When you wear it just make sure the print is tucked under your beer gut. All people who ear replica shirts have them!

  22. Alan

    Bongo, you’re nuts. We buy and wear football shirts to show allegiance to our team. As in ‘proud to be a gooner!’

  23. Vince

    Scilly Gooner…..speak for yourself!!

    I can’t wait to get mine on…..without a beer gut!!

  24. bongo et al

    Absolute bunkum!
    I know it is/was a tribal thing. Well, my allegiance and my pals commitment is in the form of art. We all have different tatoos. Tatooes of The old arsenal crest!
    This is permanet- Not some sugary commercialism- in the form of a redcurrent kit.
    I say again – all fans- look silly wearing the same kit.
    At least have some different styles.
    bongo et al

  25. Chris

    Are they the same tattoos?

  26. rtgooner

    Ah Bongo, I wondered when the time wud come for us to disagree again. Now everyone is entitled to opinion and I respect that.
    Football shirts may not be the best thing in ur eyes but to the rest of us we like to have the shirt, u may hate seeing ppl with the same shirts and styles blah blah blah and ur entitled to that. But some of us like this tradition and buy the shirts to support the club and whilst travelling to games etc other ppl can see where ur loyalty lies.
    Just because you dislike this does not mean everyone has to follow you, or it’d all be the same again.
    U get tattoo’s which is cool and u like that, some ppl mite not they may feel the same about tattoo’s as u do about shirts. Now if u have a tattoo on ur forehead fair enuff ppl see ur a gooner but how do they know u are if the tatt is on ur arm/leg etc. U can’t walk down the road telling everyone you have an arsenal tattoo on you arm. Whilst wearing the shirt ppl know.

    My point is, we all have an opinion and we are entitled to do wat we like without being slated or made feel bad because we are buying a shirt rather then giving money to a charity.

  27. victor

    its a limited edition of a limited edition shirt-will be worth millions in years!

  28. Scotty

    Don’t have the shirt yet, but if I did and was told I looked silly by someone name Bongo…well, it would be classic. Is good to be original, yes, like taking after a monkey in a Ronald Reagan movie.

    Just joking around, mate.

    I’d keep misprinted shirt. Rare indeed.

  29. Vince

    I bought three shirts, one for my son, one for my daughter and one for me…..and I still give to charity! If I hadn’t bought them I would not have been giving the shirt money to charity as well….and anyway, people can choose whether to give to charity or not, I hate all this ‘being told what to do rubbish!

    As for tatoos…don’t like ’em but so what!!

  30. simon talker

    Youre bonkers, bongo

  31. vivb

    I bought one but only as a form of charity for the club (and less fortunately Nike). Someone has to chip in to pay TH and Mr Cole’s pay rise.

    Thought the shirt looks OK with no piping or trim. On football365 Spurs snug fitting shirts are described as “a kit that on most supporters looks like a condom stretched over a beach ball!”.

  32. uncle fester

    chaps its your money to spend as you like stop being so grown up Bongo we are all kids at heart nothing wrong with it i have all shirts from 71 the first time i went to THOF and i will continue to buy them the 1913 replica from Toffs is cool with its proper badge of the time. Bongo if it was not for commercialism the Arse and all the other clubs would not survive but i dont like it but i am not telling my sons you cant have a shirt because of commercialism.

  33. Lee.

    I must say, wearing a team shirt has never really appealed to me except the old 71 double shirt (although I don’t own one), But Tattoos Bongo “very pikey” if you ask me!!!

  34. Bob

    Bongo, your comment reminds me of an incident a few days ago. I was out at the market when some fat guy in a hawaiian shirt (yes, honestly) starts telling me (out of nowhere) that I’m a sheep and that I shouldn’t do free advertising for big corporations etc… just because the word ‘Levi’ was visible on mt T-shirt. What a loon.
    Your teams shirt shows your support. Sure, a tatoo would do the same, but would that help pay for us to keep players such as Henry at our beloved club? Doubtful. Do tatoos look as impressive as a uniform block of red in the stands on match day? Nope.
    Then again, you probably don’t like that uniform ‘conformity’ either. At a guess I’d say you’re one of those non-conformists who only wears clothing like that of other non-conformists, in order to retain your individuality…

  35. halfNice

    Bongo, I’m assuming you make your own clothes at home out of cotton you’ve grown in your backyard, right? Cos if you buy clothes from any of the High Street stores you’re aren’t being individual or creative at all. I’d rather wear the same top as a thousand other gooners than wear the same topshop or Next shirt as a thousand yobs that i have nothing in common with.

    Each to his own tho. I don’t like tattoos at all, but you don’t see me calling you silly. Silly man. lol

  36. uncle fester

    bang on halfnice Bongo is a silly old duffer but he is lovable in a spooky kind of way it means all football fans are fools for wearing there club colours Bongo must wear wode and sackcloth when he goes to the ground and be in bare feet perish the thought wearing trainers with three stripes or a swoosh on it

  37. East Upper

    Don’t let ken livingstone see that shirt – he will impose a duff shirt tax on it. £5 a day if you wear it. Twat!

  38. Lee

    don’t seem to be able to Wright to this web site too often, it normally give me a response. “your comments are being modified can you help???”

  39. bongo et al

    I take the many points on board. But my biggest bone of contention is the unoriginality of everyone wearing the same bland kits.
    If Arsenal are in A Cup Final – I still wear red. I might even have purched some tat from that Shop in Finsbury Park. But I try to wear something different to the next person.

    A little tip:
    ~A red or white plain T- shirt
    ~A stensil of your fav player/ badge.
    ~A hot iron.

    Its cheap, fun and ORIGINAL.
    Bongo et al

  40. shirt designer

    What you moaning about,It’ll be worth dosh in a few years time.

  41. Teitzo

    Bongo – i’m probably the only person in my entire city who actually has the latest aresnal kit (of about 120, 000 people!), does that still make me a sheep?

  42. lonebone

    bongo et al, go and live on another planet you hippy freak.

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