“What was it like watching Arsenal, grandpa?”

Arsenal 2-2 Liverpool

Oh, ho, whoa! Another evening of football that encapsulated everything you need to know about Wenger’s latest, and possibly last, Arsenal side. Put that on a DVD and show the grandchildren.

“This is how we were, kiddo”.

“Wow, grandpa, look at that wave of attacking, that little dynamo at number ten. That blunderbuss up front, he’s actually pretty dangerous, isn’t he? He’s like a steam train! And how many goals did Walcott score? That one was an exocet. Playing like that you must have rolled over all-comers.”

“But eek! Why did Sagna fall over? Was that Belgian man chasing his tail? Is this how you always used to ‘clear’ your lines? Why is the goalie out his goal? Why has he done a shimmy in the box? That tall man – why has he passed straight to the opposition? Why did they let that man run through them? Who’s the fella at left-back spinning round in circles?”

“This is how it was, son, this is how it was. Happy days.”

Loads to admire, loads to make you perspire. Grit and power and chances aplenty up front, but “keystone cops” at the back. Moments of breathtaking attacking prowess living cheek by jowl with kamikaze, comical defending. This is our calling card.

Yes, this is Arsenal. Somewhere, hidden away in there, there must be the kernel of a side with more balance than this one has.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Jeff

    Weak defending is disappointing. That was such a great game though. We wouldn’t attack quite like that unless we were behind, I don’t think.

  2. East Lower

    We certainly ran ourselves into the ground. But this defending has to be addressed, once and for all. Such a broken record. Something radical needs to be done.

  3. East Lower

    Ha yes. A sentiment shared by many, I suspect…

  4. PDDD

    So we’re going to buy only a left-back because Gibbs got injured. In other words, if it didn’t happen, despite being the worst team of the Wenger era, the manager didn’t do anything to improve his squad before the window closed. Just simply extraordinary.
    Our attacking options are good….as long as Giroud stays fit & keeps his form. He doesn’t, and our options are suddenly poor again. And don’t get me started on the people talking about how our DM options are now ok because of Ramsey being added to Arteta & Coquelin. Really ? 2 players out of position & one who the manager has so little faith in that despite being the only DM at the club all season has started just 3 league games.
    And as for Chesney…young keepers need a break. How many times has Ferguson taken De Gea out of the firing line for a couple of games ? Chesney on the other hand played for 3 months last season injured & on painkillers because our options are so shit. And yet they’re still shit.

    So here we are. Unbelievably obvious flaws in the squad before the season started. Flaws which all the evidence of the season to date has proved beyond doubt & yet still no signings ? I honestly cannot see how Arsene can possibly be considered the right man for the job any more. Thoroughly depressing. For the love of God Arsene, will you please just walk away. Please.

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