We’ve got a lovely Per, Kos goes nuts.

Manchester City 1-1 Arsenal

Now, when Gibbs gave that corner away, the ball wafted over and Joleon Lescott squeezed his dome between two of our players and thudded it past Vito Marooned, the word ‘brilliant’ wouldn’t have been the first one to come to mind.

But compared to how last season started, this one has been brilliant. We’ve only let two goals in, we’re nestled at the right end of the table, we’re unbeaten, but above all, we’re giving off the perceptible whiff of a proper team here. Just look at the bundle pyramid that followed our equaliser and you will see that when Wenger speaks of spirit and belief and togetherness, in this instance it’s not as a means to pep up players who don’t have it. This lot are working for each other. It is a completely different side – a new side.

Sure, the goal could have been avoided but let’s not get ahead of ourselves. A renewed effort to defend better as a unit and as a team is hardly going to take just a few games to materialise. Bouldy can’t just click his fingers (or more aptly, raise his arm) to make it happen. But at the moment, we are on the right track on that front. There will be a few moments of uncertainty yet but the general direction is good.

Defensively there were some outstanding performances. Mertesacker was immense, his long bionic legs mopping up through balls like Mr Tickle time and again. Koscielny, overlooked thus far this season, played his part and even found time for a backheel – or was it a Cruyff turn? – out of defence. Gibbs played as an auxiliary winger and Jenkinson – lungs like a whale – was just excellent. I absolutely love it when Wenger plucks a nobody out of thin air and proves everyone wrong, and in Carl Jenkinson he has done just that. As Gary Neville said after the game, he seems like the kind of bloke who would run through a brick wall for you. His progress has been a real delight to see.

The goals are being shared around too: today from defence, but our fluid forward line and midfield is chipping in too, all of which makes Giroud’s lack of goals almost an irrelevance. Of course, should we stop playing so well then things might change, but at the moment it’s not such a big deal.

And we’re stronger behind the first XI. OK, so Diaby and Gervinho did not reach the heights they have done in the early stages of this season, but their presence – and that of the impressive Ramsey – in the first XI gives us a bench that included players like Giroud, Oxlade-Chamberlain and Walcott. We have Wilshere, Rosicky and Frimpong still out, but their return is imminent too.

It was our toughest test yet and we passed it with flying colours, if you ask me. They’ve got the buzz, and you know what, I’ve got the buzz too. As my cousin Capability Mike said in a text, twenty minutes into the game:

Even if we don’t get anything from this game I don’t think it matters. We’re a good team. Really happy with how we’re playing.

Mike said it.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Pgso

    I said the same as Mike half-way through the first half. With Wiltshire back soon, maybe we can dream a little!

  2. Jeff

    Per was one of the standouts for me, and Gibbs; and Ramsey. There were several. It was great to watch.

  3. East Lower

    Yes – we’ve got the makings of a very good back line if we can carry on improving as we have.

  4. East Lower

    It’s just great to be positive and to get excited… though not sure about the dreaming just yet!

  5. Keith

    I have amazed by Carl Jenkinson’s meteoric rise so far this season. He has done a fantastic job deputising for the world-class Bacary Sagna. I still do believe in Arsene Wenger’s ability to spot youthful talent and without that we definitely wouldn’t be where we are today.

  6. East Lower

    Even more amazing given how Carl had barely played for Charlton either. What was he, £1m? An absolute bargain.

  7. osahi

    I feel this team, bonded as they are, will prove a lot of critics wrong this season. The belief and character are evident. Though a game we could have, should have won, a great performance was put up all round. We gave it to the Champions head on. Mertesacker was awesome, Jenkinson outstanding, Cazorla, almost flawless, Koscielny inspiring, Arteta and everyone else, great! Bring on Chelsea…

  8. MIKE

    This upcoming match against Chelsea will surely show all those who doubt the gunners, just how much quality this side has.

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