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There’s no doubt we’re currently in rude health, and Wenger must be happy that the only selection problems he has for the cup final – barring an injury tomorrow – are positive ones. Does he select Campbell ahead of Toure or Senderos? Gilberto ahead of Edu? Will Freddie come in for Fabregas, and who will make way up front? I think it’s safe to say that van Persie, Reyes, Henry and Bergkamp all hope to start in Cardiff. Tricky one.

The final will no doubt be made more interesting by the addition of an unknown quantity – new ownership for Man U – which it’s safe to say has gone down like a turd soufflé amongst their fans.

Taking off my partisan gooner cap, I do have sympathy for their fans given the patent lack of footballing heritage of the new owners and the debt being taken on, but it’s hardly surprising this has happened. If you are a plc, it means you are for sale. And they’ve been sold.

Having said that, the debt is manageable – at least, you’d hope it was. After all, we’ve taken on some £260m of debt in building Emirates Grove, and very few of our fans (yet) are wailing about that. I suppose the difference is that we’re getting a shiny new stadium for our money, whereas Man U are getting an odd-looking 75-year-old who wears his trousers too high.

Wenger has insisted recently that the summer will be one of evolution rather than revolution, and that only Edu will be off. How much truth is there in this, I wonder? Mr D, who sits next to me, made an interesting observation on Tuesday as the team was being listed on the big screen. Over the futures of how many of the starting eleven are question marks hanging – spuriously or otherwise? The answer, as far as we could see, was seven. Bear with me here…

Lehmann – There’s been talk of us signing a top-class keeper all season
Cole – Colegate has seriously undermined his position at the club
Campbell – A dead cert to stay
Senderos – Even deader cert to stay
Lauren – Has got on with his job quietly and effectively, and has a new deal. Will stay.
Pires – Rumours have abounded of a departure, though he professes to want to stay.
Vieira – Who’s willing to bet me there won’t be more Madrid rumours this summer?
Edu – Gone, as good as.
Reyes – Linked all season with a return to Spain.
Van Persie – No chance of leaving, as he’s now making a real name for himself.
Bergkamp – Will he get his extra year?

Now look, I know most of the above is conjecture, and nothing more, but it’s food for thought.


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  1. Rachel

    With what I have heard from reports of the Glazer situation he will be in 540 million pounds worth of debt if he gets all the percentage he wants (90%) which to me will be interesting to see what happens next.

  2. RotorGoat

    Yeah – that’s one hell of a lot. I’m not sure I really understand his motivation.

  3. Rachel

    Well he could have 2 motivations, 1 he wants to get money thru merchandise etc since they sell alot of stuff in Asia and are known in USA. 2 – he knows how much money is in Man Utd and wants to sell em off piece by piece.

  4. Farnborough Gunner

    Manure fans have no right to complain. This is part an parcel of being a PLC. If you want to control ownership, don’t float on the Stock Exchange.

  5. Farnborough Gunner

    Re the Vieira situation. It’s surely almost certain that stories will emerge any day now linking him with a move to Real Madrid. If/when they do I hope he either knocks them into touch or signs for them ASAP. We need to buy some players for key positions before the new season, maybe more depending on possible departures (Reyes, Cole,…). We can ill afford another summer spent pre-occupied with whether Vieira is staying or going. If he can do one thing for us this summer it is making it clear where he will be playing next season.

  6. simon talker

    Farnborough hits it on the head – they are such a stupid bunch of muppets. Let them boycott the team they support and start a new team (chortle – chortle), because effectively they’ve been for sale for the last 5 years.

    When will they realise that by being a PLC they have managed to afford; Van Nistleroy, Ferdinand, Ronaldo, Kleberson (don’t laugh), Veron, Blooney etc. Whats that – £150-175 million over the last 4 years? Having your cake and eating springs to mind – as does Rooney.

    I think its great. Plus, there will always be some more fans from Kent and Surrey to replace the militant mancs.

    Long live stability and the board that we have!

  7. Farnborough Gunner

    Anyway, I expect most ManU supporters will switch allegience to Chelsea next season. It will save them a lot in fares to home matches.

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