Wanted: Left-Back

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Today’s news in brief:

Reyes: I don’t want you to leave, Thierry.
Rodney Gullet: Thierry Henry may leave, mark my words.
Telegraph: Bye-bye Hill-Woods, hello ‘Chips’ and Lord Peckham.

Other than that, we’re scrabbling for a left-back with two healthy feet. Some would argue that Pascal Cygan doesn’t fit the bill on the grounds that a) He’s not a left-back and b) He doesn’t have one healthy foot, let alone two.

So that leaves… who? Eboue at right-back? No – Lauren’s got that nailed down. Ryan Garry? Not a prayer – he’s still being unpacked after a long hibernation. Hoyte? No – he’s on a year at Roker Park. Moses Barnett? Now I’m just being silly.

So Kolo Toure or Phil Senderos? Probably.

Right, I’m off to IKEA. No, of course it wasn’t my idea.


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