Tough-tackling? The more the merrier

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What’s going on this fine late summer morning? Not a whole lot, though the papers are full yet again of assertations that Arsenal are now a team of toughs and won’t be bullied. Gallas has said it, Fabregas has said it – anyone would think a PR has been briefed to spread the word that we won’t roll over anymore. Rumour has it Walcott will be wearing boxing gloves and a white towelling robe next time he comes off the bench.

The first two games have boded well on that front, I must say, but it’s still too early to judge. A better time to judge would be when we play tough, well organised northern opposition away from home. So that’ll be Sunday then.

Blackburn away is a exactly the kind of game that will go some way to proving that, so it’s a good job the opposition haven’t been loafing around in midweek in anticipation of a leg-heavy Arsenal side returning from Prague. Blackburn themselves were away in eastern Europe, playing the team with arguably the best name in European football – MyPa.

Midfield injuries and unavailability seem to be only partly lifting. Gilberto is still not set to start, and of the twin D’s of Diaby and Denilson, only the latter is ready for action. On top of that, Eboue looks like he’s picked up an ankle knock.

Luckily, we might finally see Eduardo da Silva. He’s ready and, I’m guessing, may partner van Persie. The latter has done well but I’m not convinced holding the line on his lonesome is his bag.

But still, hey – 2 wins from 2. The team is tough and the team believes (so they keep telling us).


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