This Is Quite Exciting, This

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As Phil Collins once said, “Tonight’s the night (whoa whoa)”.

Luckily for us, nobody in the Arsenal camp is going round making childish claims that their side is going to eat the other, and that’s because a) we have class and b) we know the tie is far from over. The fine first leg victory was sweet, but we need it to be sweeter by finishing the job off tonight. It was a delicious night in the Bernie-inn two weeks ago, but will it mean a fig if we get beaten tonight? (Actually, it will still be one for the history books, but that’s not the point).

Not much else to say other than, well, I give you all permission to get very excited as the day draws on.

On a final note, how excited would you be if you were 16 and stood a chance of making your debut for your new team against Real Madrid? Let’s hope Walcott gets on, even just for five minutes.



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