Theo’s mazy run blew my socks off

So the thing is, I’m in France. I caught the game in a ‘pub’ with a 60-year-old man DJ-ing in the background, which was rather abnormal.

We lost. But really, on the night, only just. One soft penalty, some shaky defending – the line is fine but there you have it – what’s done is done.

It was a cracking game, a superb spectacle, a match that tipped one way and the other, but sadly one that finally tipped in the wrong direction.

It’s such a shame that one of the finest runs we’ll ever see from a player – Theo’s staggering 80-yarder – was not the deciding moment. It deserved to be. It was absolutely magical.

What more must Theo do to start the big games? Surely nothing now – he is in the ascendancy, but the only way he can now learn as he needs to learn is by playing. That will almost certainly involve him making mistakes, it will almost certainly mean we’ll see him put in some average performances, but so be it.

Any news on Barry Sagna?


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