The Goodwill’s Going

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“Arsenal hung me out to dry, using me as a scapegoat to get back at Chelski.”

“The board ‘rewarded’ me with an insult and threw years of loyalty back in my face”.

“I’ll reveal the shattering truth about who fed me to the sharks. It changed my view forever on the club I regarded as family.”

Shame, really it is. Ashley Cole appears to be engineering himself a move away from Arsenal, possibly to the Russians, and with it, all the goodwill Arsenal fans had for him since he broke through is ebbing away or has already done so completely. It’s almost too late now, reputation wise.

Wenger says he wants him to stay, but that looks increasingly impossible.

Right – back in a few days or more. While I’m not posting there’ll no doubt be a dozen signings and all sorts of shenanigans. C’est la vie.


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