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Things, as pointed out by Goodplaya and arseblogger, are snowballing.

This week’s meeting, in Moscow, of nine or ten senior British journalists, is an ordinary story on the face of it. At least, it would be had they not all been flown over in a private jet, put up in a swanky hotel, wined and dined. They were all interested to meet the little-known Usmanov but few of them dug into his life story more than superficially; perhaps not surprising if you are in his office in his city at his invitation. Anyway, having had his own blog scythed down some weeks ago by Usmanov’s lawyers, Bloggerheads has looked into the meeting more. Fascinating stuff indeed.

On top of that, an email dropped into my inbox this morning from AISA detailing a resolution passed at its AGM detailing its opposition to the club being owned by one individual or company, especially if they have no Arsenal connection whatsoever. It’s a clear message.

REDaction, which is calling on fans to unite and work with the current board, says it plans to “make our opinions perfectly clear” at the game on Sunday. I look forward to that, and these are the first signs not just of a growing consensus but also of a manifestation of Arsenal fans’ real worries over the ownership of the club.

Back onto the pitch (this news should be the main news, but the off-field stuff seems to have taken on an importance of its own), and we could be toppled from the summit of the Premier League this afternoon. We would of course have two games in hand, but it does show that, even with a near perfect start to this season, to keep this up for a whole season is a huge ask for this young team.

The Deep Heat cupboard is being used less too: Lehmann, Gallas, Rosicky and Song are back in full training, with Eduardo not far behind. This is all good news.

We can be sure Sunderland will stick to us like limpets tomorrow – something last season should have taught us how to combat.

Come on your rip-roarers!

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