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In the Arsenal programme last night, there was a ‘Top 100 games at Highbury’ feature. Number one was a game way back in 1893 against someone or other – probably a casual or a Corinthian – and ending, at number 100, with October’s home win against Villa. Top 100 games at Highbury ever full stop, Villa at home in October? Come on! However, I wouldn’t hesitate to argue that last night’s mauling of Everton should at least be considered.

Nights like that don’t come along all that often – we were simply breathtaking. From front to back and wing to wing we were irresistible, as good as any time over the last few years, even when taking into account the end-of-seasonness about it all.

I know there are some voices arguing that Dennis’s time is up, but I just don’t see the logic in not having him. As long as he accepts that he’s notong to play 30 or 40 games – and he’s happy with that – then he’s an asset. I get the feeling that might be the only sticking point – how much Wenger can promise Bergkamp will play. Also, would a man convinced he wasn’t staying not have made more of his potentially final match at his home of ten years? I’m confident we’ll see more of the Iceman.

It was relentlessly good news last night – Henry came back for 45 minutes (to predictably good effect), and Campbell did what he does well alongside Senderos. Everyone was being applauded, including the groundsman, who’s won Groundsman of the Year. Wouldn’t it be great if his trophy was a miniature mower on a plinth.

All in all, it left me with a warm glow, a sensation that was heightened by the addition of an overly mustardy hot dog after the game.

Let’s hope we can take that form to Cardiff. Please.


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  1. jaymejellyfish

    How cheated the 60,000 Man U fans that turned up to tuesday’s fiasco must feel. Once again the Arsenal showing the rest of the pack how a final home game should be played. What a celebration. All we need is adequate cover for when Gilberto is out and we need fear no one.

  2. Jan Cross

    I was at the game last night and cannot stop smiling and Dennis was the star of the show. What a wonderful way to finish off our last game at home this season.

    I have contacted Arsenal FC via e-mail and suggested that Dennis have one more year and that he gets a testimonial for the first game at the new stadium. I think that would be a fitting reward to the Iceman and as well as him being able to play at the new stadium the fans would love it.

  3. mada

    Unbelievable game. Are we not the greatest and most loyal fans ever? Edu has stated again and again he is leaving in the summer and whether it be because he wasn’t offered enough, not guaranteed first-team football, or thinks he is worth more than we offered (the first and latter aren’t the same thing), the send off we gave him was top class and his emotional reaction after scoring the pen and the lap of honour proves that he (along with most of our players) will never be idolised as much as they are here anywhere else, and they might move on but they will always be Gooners.

    We respect what he has done for the club in his time here and didn’t boo him because of his decision to leave. I think its because he has been honest from the start about his situation. The loyalty we show our players is unparalelled. Well done fellow Gooners!

  4. edmondy

    nuts to that. The dream is that the last game at highbury will be an all-star testimonial for dennis. nothing could top that. We have had some amazing players and memories at highbury over the years but this would be right up there.

    We are lucky aren’t we?

    League unbeaten, tony adams vs. everton in the sunshine, bowing to pires, liam brady, charlie george. sniff.

  5. halfNice

    A few days ago a gooner from the Netherlands (or somewhere) wrote on this messageboard that he was attending his first Highbury game on Wednesday. Boy, did he pick a great game to see. (Someone best warn him that they’re not all like this. 🙂 )

  6. BlockJ

    Dennis was class and surely can contribute for one more season.

    Bobby Pires, who some say had an inconsistent season, is now 3rd top scorer in the EPL . He must not be allowed to leave.

  7. matt

    In recent times seasons I have never been to an Arsenal game and experienced anything like the pleasure of the 1-0 down 2-1 up game in the (then) Littlewoods Cup game at Shite Hart Lane back in the 80’s. In some ways last nights game cannot compare either because there was nothing at stake, the opposition were not our most hated the odds were not stacked against us, etc etc…….. Back then there were some great platers for Arsneal but then other than Rocky and sometimes champagne Charlie none were flamboyant, all hewn from granite.

    But last night, bloody hell, the football last night was like some kind of ecstacy that I have never experienced at a football ground. It was flabbergasting. It was the story book football that you daydream about from childhood. As an adult no sooner have you wished for it but than you have to chastise yourself for your juvenile folly.

    OK, OK, OK! I know it counted for jack shit. But it may have been DB10’s last game and it therefor carried an importance way ahead of any other end of season training session.

    The East and West stands (not to mention everyone else) sang “It’s just like watching Arsenal” and “Have you ever seen football like this, have you fuck”. This time it was SO SO SO SO true! It was just like watching the 1970 footage of Brazil.

    We Gooners do not know how lucky we are.

    Thank You Arsene!

  8. Feverpitch

    1893 a game at Highbury? on the common?

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