Taylor To Depart?

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It might be time for Stuart Taylor to move on, said his champion and former mentor Bob Wilson on Sky Sports News this morning.

“The buck stops with Arsene, it’s the one area we used to disagree on,” said Bob, when discussing the flop-topped 24-year-old keeper. The news report then wheeled out the none-too-impressive stat of 46 league games in eight years (though realistically, he was never going to play between the ages of 16 and 20, was he?)

It’s an emotive one this: Some think he’s not good enough, some rate him, and while we can’t read Arsene’s mind, the fact he has not even made second choice, given the paucity of Manuel Almunia, pretty much says it all.

“I’ve got absolutely no doubt we’ll hear a lot about Stuart Taylor”, Bob ended, emphatically. We may do, but it looks increasingly likely it won’t be at Arsenal.

And elsewhere, there’s a story about Barca wanting Thierry (not worth the keyboard wear and tear that one), while Edu edges nearer joining Valencia. If he edges there any slower, he’ll never make it. Maybe if he tries to jog there, he’ll aggravate whatever bone/muscle it is that is currently not fully functioning.


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  1. vivb

    Graham Stack returns in the close season as well. Given that AW reportedly had both Robinson and Cech on trial last season and did not fancy either of them I’m not sure he is a great spotter of keepers. I think Lehmann hasn’t been helped by the number of different defensive line ups in front of him.

    Given the number of long distance internationals Brazil play having one Brizillian international midfielder is probably enough, although given Edu’s injuries (and Wenger refusing to pick him during the contract dispute) this season we don’t seem to have got great value for money for him.

  2. simon talker

    nothing worse than a bored journo. especially those that love to see arsenal suffer what with the emergence of the new footballing ‘super power’, chavski.

    does anyone know anything about wrighty & jerome anderson (wasn’t he wrightys agent?) meeting dein with last week? has to have something to do swp doesn’t it?

  3. Melissa

    Barca are only dreaming of having Henry at Nou camp. However, they should accept the fact that Henry is a gunner for life. They should also notice that he is one player who does not play for money. The gunners do not need their money either. Surely, Arsenal also aims at winning trophies. Does Barca think it is the only team that wants to win. Barca should go out there,look for a young potential player and train him to have the qualities of TH14. Otherwise there’s is a pipe dream.

  4. Farnborough Gunner

    It will be a loss to Arsenal if Stuart Taylor leaves, but looking at the situation from his side he has little choice. Putting Lehman ahead of him is correct, but putting Almunia ahead of Taylor (and Lehman for that matter) is an insult and a joke. In any case, he is obvioulsy not going to get a chance at Arsenal, so he has to try elsewhere if he wants to play.

    Taylor has experience of big games – some big PL games, including against ManU, and CL games, and he can handle these. We just haven’t seen much of him lately, so it would have been useful to see him have a few games to see how he is playing these days.

  5. Liam's shinpad

    I actually rate Lehmann. OK, a bit quirky and with frequent rushes of blood to the old head, but still good. Unfortunately, Taylor never managed to convince me, he always looked like a kid in desperate need of some experience. But with Seaman before him, now Lehmann and even Almunia, how the hell is he ever going to get that experience? AW seems set in his mind, so an exit looks like the best option. Just a bit sorry to see yet another Englishman leave the club…

  6. Lara Hill

    i think it’s unfair that Stuart Taylor hasn’t had a chance this season. people are complaining that we don’t have enough englishmen and that Lehmann and Almunia have made too many errors. surely he deserves a chance? the poor lad is being stuck in the Arsenal reserves with bloody kids, that not enough. he wants to be playing. he hasn’t even had a chance in the F.A Cup, with Almunia and Lehmann making too many errors i thought Arsené might have had some sense and given the poor lad a game to prove his worth, but no. and Arsené probably will end up buying a keeper in the summer transfer window so where will that leave poor Stu? i hope he will stay and get a game but that looks unlikely with him out of contract in June. another farewell to a top quality ENGLISH keeper!

  7. O

    Simon Stalker – hmmmm, but if so, that would be “tapping up”, wouldnt it, and we cant have that can we, noooooooo….

  8. halfNice

    I agree with the Shinpad. Lehmann’s a bit crazy but he’s a good goalie. Maybe all the best goalkeepers have to be.

    I’m sorry to see another Englishman not make it, but I try to keep my patriotism off the pitch. Once that whistle goes, my first thoughts are for the red and white of Arsenal, not the red and white of England.

  9. OPArsenal

    It would be a shame to see Edu go, but it would be even more of a shame to see Taylor leave. He’s pure class, if you ask me, and his being nymber 3 behind Almunia is bollocks, plain and simple… I’ll be missing Edu if he leaves, too. He’s one of my favorites. He proves that not all Brazilians with one name are flashy goalscorers, and he gives as good as he gets.

  10. 2 cent delly

    i always thought that stuart taylor should have been given his fair shot at the keeper spot….almunia was wat the hell…anyways in the close season we have to get a good keeper…i have my eyes set on some like…kamini…reyna…isackson from rennes…i must say that i’m sad to see edu leave but its a little better with the potential that fabregas and flamini have shown…

    check out my blog at http://www.20six.co.uk/delly2k…yeah i know everyone is doing this blogging shit but check it out and could u add me to ur favorites….

  11. Andrew

    Its widely known that Graham Stack is the best young goalkeeper at Highbury. But with his current situation involving ‘the rape’ case, who knows whats going to happen. Basically, Wenger gets to see the keepers in action during training. If Taylor can not prove himself in training, then why should Wenger should select him.

    And lets not forget…you are only as good as your defence. Lehman put out some great stats last season, cos the defence was far better. Seaman had a great career cos mainly because he had a great defence. When he left (greedy w**ker) for Man City who had an awful defence, he ended up looking more like Alumina.

  12. tomsk

    If you’re looking at keepers what about Brums Taylor?
    He’s big ,good shot stopper and not afraid of crosses.
    Yeah I like Eduuuuuuu we will miss him.

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