You won’t fool me this year, window

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  • Post category:News I've been off the radar recently, in the land of dirt-cheap petrol. I haven't needed to think about Arsenal, because we signed Gary Pallister, he got a work permit…

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Jack be nimble, Jack be quick

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Oops. Two weeks have zipped past with nary a word. There are mitigating factors, though. Straight after the Blackburn game I took a wrong turn in Chipping Barnet and ended…

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Minimum blip, minimum fuss

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If drawing 1-1 at home to Fulham and losing in the Milk Cup with an understrength team can be described as a blip, then our blip was batted away with…

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Handbrake off required

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So that week rolled past fast, complete with two excellent days off school. Thankyou banks, thankyou wedding - I could get used to these three-day weeks. I can’t believe they…

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Match report: One slump or two?

Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal And so, as feared, the sleep-slump to disaster continues. I can't see this one ending well. You don't have to scour the Arsenal online diaspora for…

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The form factor

Arsenal 5-0 Porto 24 hours late, this. Just like the old days, when you went abroad, burned in the sun to cinder and had to wait a day for the…

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