Den and dusted

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Adeus Denilson. Ta-da for now (though I am prepared to wager that the ‘for now’ part will become ‘for good’). Denilson’s departure reminded me that this summer was as much…

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Ref whistles while Robin works

Barcelona 3-1 Arsenal Another year, another aggregate defeat to Barcelona, but this one was tinged with a dose of 'what if'. What if, at 1-1, we had remained with eleven…

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Arsenal go AWOL

Arsenal 2-3 W.B.A. I have for a long time inexplicably looked out for West Brom’s results, a footballing peculiarity I can trace back to collecting Panini stickers in 1980, when…

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Thoughts on the opener/keeper/patience

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The Arsenal goalkeeping mystery It’s not often I quote old Shakey, mainly because I’m not the brightest bulb in the room, but here goes: “If it were done when 'tis…

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Defenders: Out with the old and in with the new

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So Phil Senderos has officially left Arsenal – two seasons after he effectively did anyway. There’s been a lot of goodwill on Twitter and across the blogs and that’s fair…

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Arsenal strike back in epic encounter

Arsenal 2-2 Barcelona North Bank flags What an unbelievable game of football. My mind is still boggling. I’ve seen some good teams at the Grove in my time and I’ve…

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Missed chances, dropped points

Birmingham City 1-1 Arsenal At the risk of repeating myself, a draw yesterday did indeed end up feeling like a ‘hammer blow’. Wenger merely called it a ‘big blow’, but…

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Arsenal preview: It’s make or break

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Eek, a whole week since the last post. Which means I’m bouncing straight from a dismal post-mortem straight into this preview. I’d like to say my outlook has changed and…

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No new faces (just long ones)

Arsenal 1-3 Manchester Utd So that’s that then – another less than gentle reminder that despite all the pre-match bullishness of Wenger and some of the squad, when push comes…

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