Summer transfers: What effect will the World Cup have?

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Strewth, it’s quiet.

In fact, there’s been a whiff of close season to things. Partly I suppose because we’ve got the weekend off, and partly because losing to Barcelona seems to have kicked off some early transfer speculation.

Why is this when there’s still so much to play for? Partly, it’s natural to wonder how you can improve things when you’ve been as outplayed as we were over most of the two legs against Barcelona.

And partly, perhaps, because it’s a World Cup year, when the rules for transfers seem to change slightly. On the one hand you have players that clubs are keen to sign early, before the tournament, so that their value does not rise should they show explosive form.

On the other hand, you’ve got the clubs who will keep their powder dry until the tournament is over, hoping to unearth a gem (or ensure that the player they had their eye on before the tournament does not rupture something during it).

Looking back to the last World Cup in 2006, we signed Tomas Rosicky on 23rd May – a signing that fits neatly into the former category. Unfortunately, the rest of the summer’s ins and outs were slightly less tidy.

In fact it was frenzied, late and involved Panini-like swapsies. Reyes was loaned to Real Madrid, with Baptista coming our way in return, on transfer deadline day. On the same day, we sold Cole and bought Gallas.

However, there were extenuating circumstances to events that year. We’d just lost the European Cup final, and that triggered another round of Invincible dismantling. As well as Cole and Reyes, out went Campbell, Pires and Lauren.

We also moved stadium – another sweep for the broom of change.

I don’t expect the kind of wholesale changes that we saw that summer this time round, as the squad is settled and growing. There will inevitably be some departures, but the only key player who I can see leaving is Gallas. I don’t see Fabregas going anywhere, least of all to Man City, though a summer of speculation is a dead cert.

Anyway, what I think I’m trying to get at is we might see a signing sooner rather than later – perhaps a month or six weeks from now. Wenger is the kind of manager who likes things decided sooner rather than later if he can.

He’ll definitely want to avoid a manic final day of trading on 31st August…


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  1. Neal

    Silvestre will go and, as you say, Gallas is quite likely. Two new centre-backs needed please Arsene!

  2. Tommo

    Sooner rather than later? He’s a deadline demon. I would hate to play chicken with him!

  3. RotorGoat

    I’m not saying he’s not good at it Tommo – just think doing things that late is not great preparation for the season ahead.

    I’d rather it was all out of the way nice and early…

  4. Tommo

    Irish the dame rotagoat

  5. Tommo

    I meant I wish the same. Lol

  6. goonergerry

    Agree with you about Gallas who has been previously quoted as saying he wants to finish his career in Italy. I’d like him to stay. Whether Gallas goes or not, we have to go for better centre backs and a keeper and the purse strings have to be loosened else where- if we have a chance of securing Eden Hazard we have to get him while he is still just about affordable-In a year under Wenger he will be worth twice whatever we pay for him now.
    I cannot see Arsenal selling Fab either-not even for 100m-because they don’t need to sell-his value is only going to go up.
    Is Chamakh coming? If he’s got him on a free its an incredibly astute piece of business.
    What about Eduardo and Vela? Could see either/both loaned out.

  7. cagedhen



  8. Farnborough Gunner

    I expect Arshavin to move on in the summer. I don’t believe he is happy, and being played out of position doesn’t help. His favoured and most effective position is as a second central striker, a position that doesn’t exist in 433.

  9. Ian

    Wenger said only the other day that he needs to add to the squad. How many times has he said that near the seasons end and then done next to nothing to fine tune what is a very talented squad? He says that to head off an avalanche of complaints before they get started. We need a quality keeper and at least one center half but I would wager he’ll do naff all except sign another junior school prospect.

  10. Sajit

    I dont like the way Arsene has handled transfers for the past few seasons. First of all he tried to penny pinch and get Alonso on the last day and it didnt work out. We were lucky with Arshavin.

    I say, spend early even if it means spending a little extra. We need to get the squad settled. No last day drama..please!

  11. PD

    I don’t think there’ll be a huge amount in.Or that there needs to be to be honest. Chamakh looks a dead cert. (with Eduardo and/or Vela out I would imagine)
    Then a keeper is the absolute must-have no.1 priority.(That can’t even be up for debate any more.)
    After that I guess a lot depends on what happens with Gallas/Sol.If both stay another year & with Djorou coming to fitness I’m not 100% sure we will be buying any defender.

    Anyway what a day today ! Fat Sam incredibly did us a favour & then the Scum get beaten by a club that’s falling to pieces !
    (I have to say well played to Grant & his players too.)
    And in extra-time before playing us on the Weds.Could not have asked for more….at this rate Wilshere will make himself an Arsenal legend while playing for another club on Tuesday night !

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