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Well, it might not end up being the most trophy-laden of seasons for Arsenal, but Thierry has a lot to play, and score, for. Not only is he top scorer in the Premier League – he’s seven goals ahead of Palace’s Andy Johnson – but he’s also leading the race to win the European Golden Boot. He’s four goals ahead of the mighty Marek Mintál, of FC Nürnberg, and five ahead of Samuel Et’oo’o, of Barcelona. He’s also got the most assists – 22 – not that you get any silly coloured boots on plinths for that.

The Premier League’s official website is actually quite handy, in parts, and I’ve only just taken a look at it. If you launch the Statistics tool, aka ‘Action Station’ (their choice of words, not mine you understand), you can pluck out a whole raft of stats, many of which are entirely pointless.

Useful facts

Our longest unbeaten streak this season is just nine games. Clean sheets? Only 11 between Lehmann (6) and Almunia (5). Even WBA’s Russell Hoult has had six clean sheets, though obviously, he’s played more games. Most red cards dished out by refs? Mike ‘Life Of’ Riley, of course, with seven. Least? Messias, Foy and Webb have yet to hand one out.

Recent form? We are joint top with the leaders.

Not so useful facts

We are a lowly 13th when it comes to the age of the club (119 years). Perennial underachievers Villa might not have had much to cheer about this season, but they should be pleased to hear that this is one table they are joint top of. 131 years old, they are.

And finally, if all games finished at half-time, we’d be top of the league, heading for the championship.

So all hail Arsenal, half-time champions elect.

Right, time to shut up I think.


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  1. Oli

    Is the golden boot an award for most goals in domestic league, or overall? Because if it is overall surely if Thierry wins the golden boot this season they will give him player of the year? After all they can not revert back to their usual excuse of hasn’t proved himself in Europe as it is more impressive to win golden boot after playing less games in Europe than not, though i might possibly be wrong….. Oli

  2. halfNice

    It’s interesting (but not really surprising) to hear that Henry is top with assists – again. This makes it the 3rd season in a row, right? All he needs to do is go in goal and keep a couple of clean sheets and then we’ll see how they can continue to refuse to name him World Footballer of the Year.

  3. halfNice

    One last thing. Don’t want to sound like an anorak (it’s bad enough that i look like one) but it’s the Golden Shoe. The Golden Boot is what you get for being the highest goal-scorer in your country, you get golden shoes for being the overall highest goal-scorer in Europe.

  4. RotorGoat

    And what achievement earns you the Golden Sock, anorak-man?

  5. halfNice

    The golden sock? Ask Kieron Dyer; I believe you get that for not passing the ball to Lee Bowyer.

  6. RotorGoat

    But as we all know, Lee Bowyer doesn’t wear socks, especially not with shoes.

  7. edmondy

    I didn’t know that, although I have to say that i do now.

  8. chozzer

    Ah, but does he bite? Especially earning a quarter million for 6 weeks work. The world’s gone mad.

  9. RotorGoat

    Don’t you earn that in six weeks chozzer? You need to swap jobs mate.

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