Scandal With Number 10, Crisis At Number 10

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Anyone know why Gallas has been moved from number three to number ten? It’s an odd one.

And so, just as night surely follows day, the backlash from the Russians’ petulant statement has begun. The PFA’s supremo Gordon Taylor has criticised the release of the statement and the need for them to “wash their dirty linen in public”. Meanwhile, the Guardian’s Richard Williams gives his take on the man who was so clearly behind it here. And apparently, the FA is getting in on the act too, deciding [perhaps as we speak, though I doubt it] whether to contact the Russians to ask for evidence.

It’s all decidedly messy, and as well as showing the selling club to be bitter, and let’s be honest, just a bit childish, it also paints Gallas out to be nothing more than an unpleasant mercenary. I’m sure he’s no Mary Poppins, but the trouble is, of course, that there’s as yet no proof – and until there is, I’m not inclined to believe it. Apparently, Wenger wants Gallas to keep his counsel and it would certainly defuse things if he did.

Still, one thing I will say is that if this doesn’t motivate him to perform to the highest of his ability [which to be fair, he always has by all accounts], then nothing will. I expect him to take his place in the heart of our defence on Saturday and I’m looking forward to it.


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