Salvage Job Needs To Start Tonight

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Well, Saturday came and went, didn’t it.

Enough said about that too – we deserved a draw purely for an excellent final twenty minutes, but we wasted the whole first half looking distinctly average and largely bereft of ideas, which is of course a worry. I don’t remember having a shot on goal until the 60th minute.

And it’s not like tonight’s going to be any easier, but as the arsebloggerman points out, if we can pull something out of the hat (a win, not a rabbit), then it will indubitably be our best result of the season.

We have a lot to prove – a lot – and if it doesn’t start being proved tonight, then when will it be? We’ve won just once against any side currently in the top eight – Wigan away – which, in a roundabout way, sort of sums up our season. Put another way, that’s seven points from nine games.

At least we’ve got Kolo and Eboue back, eh? Small mercies and all that. In fact, I have a sneaking suspicion that only when we have two full-backs back is this season really likely to kick-start. Think of all the options Cole and Lauren (or Eboue or Gilbert, as it will have to be) give us, with their overlapping runs. It adds a whole new dimension to our game, something we could really do with.

Tonight, well me, I’d be delighted with a decent performance and a draw. Really, I would – which is of course another indicator of how our season has been.


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