Reyes, adios, at last

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Wenger can take the credit for some inspired signings, but he’s not superhuman – able to make mistakes like the rest of us.

Reyes was one of them. A gifted and rapier-fast player, but one who never liked England, and who drifted out of form for weeks and months on end. We’ve cut our losses with him. He’s a 23-year-old whose value has dropped by something in the region of £4-5m in just three and half seasons. The buying clubs knew he wouldn’t entertain a return to England so offered accordingly.

Some you win and some you lose eh.

It’s been a busy day with exits – Kerrea Gilbert has gone on loan to Southend for six months, and given it’s his second straight loan there’ll be many who think his Arsenal chances have now gone. He’s only 20, I suppose – but still.

Elsewhere, we’re still being linked with some strange ones – Diarra for example. We might be short in some areas but central midfield is not one of them. Gilberto, Fabregas, Flamini, Diaby, Denilson, Song and Randall to name but seven.

But as Wenger said, there’s still scope for one or two more inbounds, and perhaps the money received from Reyes will find a good home sooner rather than later.

I was impressed on Sunday, especially by the midfield.

Hleb looked penetrative, though it was a bit annoying to see him score his quota for the season before it’s even begun. That’s plain selfish if you ask me.

Eboue – the much maligned and oft falling over Emmanuel Eboue – was excellent on the right of midfield, he really was. OK, so Internazionale are four weeks off starting their season, but nevertheless he was a massive thorn in their side. On the left, Kieran Gibbs (of whom I confess I had never even heard) took his chance with gusto. Tenacious, skilful, fast but a bit lightweight, he’s so obviously straight off the Arsenal conveyor belt. It must be something they put in their tea. I really hope he doesn’t go on loan this season because on the strength of that performance alone he’s worth blooding more.

So we’re a bit short of numbers but I’m excited.

And as for van Persie’s goal – ‘kin good wasn’t it?


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