Pre-match. Fidget.

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There’s no doubt, as a fan, you get a huge buzz from games like these.

Though whether I actually enjoy them at the time – well that’s a moot point. There’s just so much tension, and unless the game is clearly won (and my mathematical equation for when that point is reached has had to be revised in light of what happened last year), then I tend to be too uptight.

And I say that despite the fact that we are unbeaten in the league against our friends from N17 since 1999 – and unbeaten at home since 1993.

So much has changed since the last time N17 came to N5. We threw the game that day from the strongest of positions, they began a huge improvement, and we unimproved for several months thereafter.

Now, thing are different again. Spuds have eyes on lofty positions, while we also have good reason to believe that this year will be better than last year.

Level on points, each with some big players injured. You can run through all the form and take account of all the history, but the bottom line is it will be a tough game.

Anyway, ramble over – the time is near to head off for a pre-match loosener.

Two Halves

In the meantime, remember if you are heading to the game to look out for a copy of Two Halves. It’s a half Arsenal, half Spuds freesheet, brainchild of Gunnerblog, and will be available in the vicinity of the ground this morning. It looks visually excellent – and includes contributions from myself, Arseblog, Goodplaya, Goonerholic and many more besides.

So whatever happens, I’ll be back here tomorrow to digest what happens today.

Come on you rip roarers.


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