Post-post-match thoughts

I missed the game on Saturday.

For what it’s worth, I have a pretty good excuse: my second son was born in the morning, and there’s just no way I would have got away with scuttling off to watch us take on Hull in the afternoon. In the end, I have the little devil to thank for saving me from the purgatory of a home defeat to a team that only recently lost 5-0 at home to Wigan.

I can only base my thoughts on the highlights from MOTD – which understandably concentrated on Hull’s fabulous performance – and several of the broadsheets, most of which do the same.

How can the game be summed up? Well, Arsenal didn’t create enough clear-cut chances, missed those that they did, defended poorly at 1-1 and, worst of all, seemed to start the game as if was won already.

Geovanni’s strike was pure class. All you can do is applaud. But the second goal was just plain poor. Yet again, our defence was beaten at a corner and this time it cost us dear. Gallas and Toure are not Adams and Bould, and I suppose that’s being kind to them. The fact is, their partnership is a fault line, especially at corners, and Wenger knows it. “It is a weakness in our team” said le Boss, as indeed it is, which begs the question – what are you going to do about it? Drop Gallas? Would he ever?

The other point to make is that this team has now lost twice to teams it shouldn’t have lost to. Both games – Fulham and Hull – were down to a lack of commitment and you have to ask questions when 33% of your league games are being lost because the team can’t motivate itself.

Well played Hull, it was a deserved win.

But for Arsenal, a defeat to Hull can only be excused if we learn from it. Learn never to take anyone for granted. Learn to defend set pieces. Learn how to showboat less and be clinical more.

Worth acknowledging too amidst the head scratching that we’ve made great progress this season, in many areas, and have played some great football. It just didn’t happen on any level on Saturday.

Not much else to say, really.


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