One good movement, more required. Time for the prunes?

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Never say never and all that, but why would Arsène join Real Madrid? We’re talking about a team, as others have pointed out, that sacks successful managers. A glamorous and famous club, yes, but a bonkers one at the same time.

Since Edward of Silver signed on Tuesday it’s gone all quiet again – but I’m not too concerned by that. I can’t help but think some things are interdependent: moving Reyes on would clear around £8m and perhaps things are waiting on that. Reyes is apparently in London as we speak (the city I recall he once said was boring and in which nothing is open after five – did he stumble upon a timewarp machine that transported him back to the 1950s after training one day?)

I’m glad he’s in London this week. If he didn’t like the weather before then he definitely won’t like it now. It’s wet, blustery and grey – climactic conditions that are not conducive to a happy Jose, let alone a happy RotorGoat.

I’m loving the new marketing pics for the shirt launch on There’s one of Denilson (I think?), Gilberto, Walcott and Fabregas sitting on a bench on the platform at Arsenal tube in their kit (like that happens after a game! Imagine! “Oi, Walcott, you were crap. Give us your seat”).

Anyway, the best thing about this photo is it’s the same one as the previous one, only with Henry replaced by Denilson. The looks on the faces of the other three are identical – and besides, Gilberto’s somewhere in South America at the moment. So they’ve done a good Photoshop job on it like nothing ever happened. It’s like those disappearing photos in Back to the Future.

Come to think of it, perhaps Reyes was whisked off in the De Lorian with “Doc” Brown. That would explain things.


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