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According to this morning’s – or is it this evening’s – Borneo Bulletin, the Saints have played down Arsenal’s bid for ‘the boy’ Walcott.

But then, the Independent thinks otherwise and, so long as the player a) does want to leave and, more crucially b) wants to come to us first and foremost, then you’d think a deal ought to be concluded at some point this week. The silence is pretty deafening though.

Still, after Friday’s frenzy, it’ll feel that way I suppose.

Wherever he ends up signing – I think his departure is a given, and I hope it’s to us – then the hard work begins for him. Being burdened by such a huge fee and being compared to one of the top three strikers in Europe are two things he’s going to have to live with, coupled with huge media attention and the other trappings of fame, like appearing on Dancing on Ice when he’s 40.

Talking of which, has anyone seen Spunky Dave on the above? Fair play to the man, he’s not bad at all, but he’s just so massive that I can’t help worrying about him disappearing through a thin part of the ice into the icy waters below. Compared to his partner – who may or may not be petite, but she certainly looks it next to him – he’s like Gulliver.

Going back to this whole teenage sensation thing, it’s making me think too: what was I doing at 16? Naff all, that’s what, and all those years later, I’m still doing naff all, in the grand scheme of things that is.

I blame everyone except myself.


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