No Hot Ash

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Poor old Ashley Cole, eh. He lasted just seven minutes of last night’s comeback ‘friendly’ against the Totteringhams, before limping off with a sprained ankle.

He’s not having the best of seasons, is he? If my memory serves me correctly he has started just seven league games, and none since October, when his foot broke. Lord only knows how long this little setback will take to resolve itself. In a normal season – whatever that might be – you’d expect two excellent left-backs to be ample, but between them, Cole and Clichy have only started eleven league games. It’s been one of those years.

All the talk is of us missing out on the Champions League, but if the ‘Ammers win their game in hand, we’ll be eighth – and that’s not even UEFA Cup. So we’ve got one hell of a job on our hands.

Wenger claims we’re nearly there (with our away form), but he’s the only one who is. In truth, at the moment at least, playing us at home is a pretty much guaranteed three points.

That has to end on Saturday. How many times have we said that?


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