Nige Strikes

Arsenal 2-1 Dinamo Zagreb

The rain tumbles onto my seat! I wasn’t expecting that for my money I can tell you. Look on the bright side – at least I’ll get padded piles.

So we strolled through to the Champions League league bit last night in a game that, until the arrival of Gilberto and Henry, we never really hit top note in. Not surprising perhaps – it’s the beginning of the season, we were psychologically half-way there already, and the side that played the first hour was incredibly young. Its elder statesman by some distance was Cap’n Freddie, who as we know is reaching veteran status at 29 years of age.

It’s not that we didn’t have some chances – van Persie in particular was bright – we just couldn’t strike that blow. As I mentioned, the arrival of Henry and Gilberto added to our game and the best move of the night – involving the third sub, Theopholis P, was the one that led to the winner. Henry pinged it back to Theo, who skidded it across the goal to Nigel Flamini for the winner.

The signs are there that Henry and Walcott could make some partnership – in a way Henry and Reyes never have – but it’s early days yet. Certainly, I hope Theo’s as level-headed as everyone says, because there were 57,000 gooners giving him the saviour treatment last night before he came on… poor lad.

Anyway, today’s the draw and Dave Deino will be licking his lips at the 94 course meal that awaits him on his annual Monaco jolly. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the thing that entices him most to us qualifying each year. Slap. Up. Meal.

Finally – for things are occurring – here’s a
pic I took on my phone, in panoramic mode, of the ground from where I sit. The pic is not fantastic but for those who have yet to attend, it gives you a pretty good idea.

Oh, and really finally – I’m loving the schizophrenic singing going on where we are. There are groups singing “We’re the Clock End Highbury” and groups singing “We’re the North Bank” – all in the same block.

Fact is, we’re not the Clock End anymore – the Clock, we were informed last night, will be erected on the back of the big screen at the south of the ground – the Drayton Park end. So that, from now I guess, is the new Clock End. Which makes where I am the corner of new North Bank and East Lower.

Think I’ll just leave the name the same if it’s alright with you.


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