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I’ve been a bit tied up (metaphorically speaking) recently, hence the lack of words. It’s mid close-season, everyone’s away, the cricket’s on and by rights there should be little to talk about. For the most part, that’s quite true, unless you mention the c-word. It’s dragging on rather predictably now that Mr Cole has decided to appeal his fine, isn’t it? All that I can be bothered to say on the matter this morning is that, judging by the groundswell of opinion emanating from Arsenal fans on the web, Ashley is going to have to go on the PR charm offensive of his life if he decides (not that it’s entirely his decision) that he wants to stay at the club.

There was an interview with him in the Observer on Sunday where he churned out the usual ambiguities, but the fact that he turned up to the interview with a ‘representative’ pretty much sums up some footballers these days I reckon. It wouldn’t have happened in Martin Hayes’s day, now would it?

Does that mean we subsidise Ashley’s ‘representative’ with our season tickets and shirt purchases? I suppose it does, indirectly.



Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Archie

    God, I’m sick of this already & it’s going to last all summer, get rid of the greedy little shit now

  2. pjana

    I am from Bosnia and Herzegowina, and I have 20 years. My english is not good, but i try to say what I mean. I am supporting arsenal from my 8 year till now. And i will support that team in the future, i am a big fan of them. Now. on Cole. How can the fans can be so cruel of him, some of them arent, but the most of them are saying that he is a lier. I dont think so, the man who started at arsenal, who plays the best style on that left back, every season hes giving his best for his team, as he said he love the team, and he couldnt play against him. I can only blame a stuff people in arsenal. They dont give him hand of help, the man who lives for that team, i dont believe that he is talking with chelseas people, as he dont want to play for any other english team. He is the great guy, i pray God that he stays in arsenal, and i hope that the president and other people apologies him, but very very very big apologies. ASHLEY COLE is the best !!!!!!

  3. vivb

    Cole done to death.

    Has anyone noticed the number of our younger players taking part in national U20 sides plus Gilberto and Lehmann in the Confederations Cup this summer none of which will be over until 29th June. When are these players going to get a rest before pre-season training commences?

  4. RotorGoat

    An Ashley Cole fan! Welcome.

  5. Rob

    He’s a very good left-back, but his attitude sucks

  6. halfNice

    Pjana, dobro jutro. Kako si?

    Okay, now I’m done showing off with my little knowledge of Serbian, I can talk about Cole. To be honest, I’m as bored as fcuk with the whole story. Unfortunately it looks like it’ll run and run. I don’t think he’ll be playing for us next season; I wish him well wherever he goes (as long as it’s not Chelsea).

    What do you all think about the stories about Freddie complaining about our ambition and how we keep getting youngsters? Does anyone think he’ll leave? I don’t.

  7. Vicky Crescit

    The comments that were published this week and attributed to Freddie added nothing new to what he said about 3 months ago and, when he said them, Thierry made almost identical comments i.e. that we need a few more seasoned pros in the squad, as we cannot rely on kids to carry the burden for a whole season. There was nothing very contentious in his comments and he went on to say that he loves living in London, is very happy at Arsenal and that stories linking him to Milan etc etc were complete rubbish. I think that the story that has surfaced this week is just a rehash of that old story and has only been published as it helps the hacks to stir up the Arsenal in disarray theme. I read yesterday that Freddie is near to signing a new deal at Arsenal.

  8. Rachel

    Halfnice – Freddie’s comments were not timed the best but I doubt he’ll leave, he mite not have even said exactly wat was quoted. U no wat papers are like at twisting words. Which is why Cole had a rep with him talking to the guardian (Altho how Guardian got a story when NOTW said it was an exclusive, I don’t know).

    Now as for Cole, some of things I have recently been reading has been a lil unfair in my view. I read a very interesting article on arsenal mania yest by Joel called Arsenal saga – Chelsea punished, Arsenal Sentanced it is prob one the only articles I have slightly agreed with recently.
    Yes Ash was wrong to go to any meeting, whether Chelski were meant to be there or not. But all I am hearing against him is stuff Kenyon spouted in the Premier League enquiry. Now come on can we really believe a single word that muppet says? Hes a proven wanker/Liar same as Moaniho, yet those were the only 2 believed at the inquiry. How is that an inquiry when they COMPLETELY ignored Cole’s version, who in my opinion has been telling the least lies from the start of this. Did he say he was in Italy talking to Adriano? What proof do the prem league need that these Chelski men are bastards. Maybe there was a mason’s handshake involved, u know all part of the same lodge.

    I do know 1 thing, I will not let the board off scot free on this, contract talks were their business they were meant to be sorting it. Now as Arsene Wenger said to them ” Do we really want to lose such a fantastic player because of 5,000 a wk?”
    He didn’t break the pay structure he wanted 20,000 ish less then TH, PV etc. Can we honestly call that unfair wage in todays game? Wenger certainly didn’t think so, I don’t think he is too pleased with this situation. Rumours of a fall out between Wenger/Dein and the board could have been possible.

    Now gooners can shout and scream all they like about how unfair Ashley Cole was and blah blah. But he realy did believe that Arsenal had offered him 60k a wk and was happy, whether it was just JB telling him that it doesn’t matter he believed it. Now put urself in his shoes, ur boss say offers you a 25% increase in wages (I know the wage ain’t the same lol). Your happy, can sign the new contract stated this now, u go in monday morning to be told that no that increase wasn’t correct your only getting 5% (percentages a lil off compared to Ash, i know). But how would that make you feel? A lil puzzled, unhappy when believing all was agreed?

    I am prob one the only gooner’s that doesn’t hate Cole, he is one of the players who when on the pitch play’s with consistency, passion and hard work. At 9 yrs old his team signed him, that’s fantastic for a kid and I’m sure I know how we’d all feel working for Arsenal.

    I do feel sorry for Cole, I know he’s done wrong in going to a meeting but: What if he was telling the truth?
    What if the meeting was only 10-12 mins long (no one has actual evidence otherwise)
    What if he did walk out when Chelski walked in?
    I mean is an inquiry to really be believed when nearly every word taken into account was from the Chelski side??

    I’m good at these essay’s recently lol, this early as well. Brain must be awake for a change.

  9. Lee.

    Pjana, no disrespect to mate but you say you have been supporting the Arsenal for 8 years. Perhaps when you have done another 20 you may understand we have a tradition to uphold @ our club.
    Cos not many of the other BIG clubs have our integrity (see Chelski & Man U for examples) & for most of use that’s why we are supporters of this club (hope I’m not in a minority of one here).
    Because we set standards & live by them. & as soon as we let that slip I’m going to support my “now” local team Southend & that’s enough to send anyone to drink.
    The other thing you need to understand here mate is that Cole is taking the piss & should not get away with it.

  10. Farnborough Gunner

    Rahel – if Cole wasn’t happy with the way he was being treated in contract negotiations he could have asked Arsenal (the team he was still under contract to) for a transfer. Instead he let one of our rivals in a deliberately public manner a few days before we were playing another rival (Manu). Maybe he was misguided or ill-advised, but he has not claimed this or shown any sign of accepting ANY responsibility for the fall out since then or of trying to put this behind him and move forwards.
    The Arsenal board, management and fans have shown tremendous support for Cole since the infmaous meeting – he has continued to play with very little backlash from Arsenal fans. The announcement of punishments last week was the time for Cole to do or say something to repay that support and start to move forwards, hopefully with Arsenal. Instead he has slated the club and blamed everyone but himself, also threateniung to run his contract down and leave on a free transfer in 2 years. So, yes, many of us have now run out of patience and support for the greedy,lying little shit-bag, and see no way how he can every play for Arsenal again.

  11. vivb

    Trying to move topics on:

    If Liverpool are given a Champions League place (which of course they should be) it will cost Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelski and Everton £1.5m plus as the Pool of TV money is split 5 ways rather than 4. Not a major issue for Chelski but more important for the other teams budgets, including ours.

  12. RotorGoat

    Fair point – but it’s possible Liverpool may be given a random wildcard entry which would not earn them any of the money already destined for the four English entries. The Everton chief exec said he’d not be keen on sharing out the dosh, and why should he. But I agree Liverpool should still get to defend the cup.

  13. Rachel

    I do believe he is being badly advised. I don’t think he shud have appealed either so I agree with u there. Since what he is appealing for could completely change the face of football and in the long run if he wins everyone could end up disliking him, not just fans.
    If he wins the contraint of trade or watever it is nonsense then players may talk to other clubs but then clubs can take away things too.
    It’ll be like a normal employment so no sick pay over a certain time limit etc then more complaints over how is that fair.
    So yes that side of things I think he is wrong about and should have come out to say he is excepting the fine even if he was the one telling the truth.
    Before he appealed he cud have stayed with Arsenal and regained fans slowly but now he will leave Arsenal and move abroad.
    I still cannot hate him for everything, many many different things are being said from many different places.
    No one will EVER no the full truth esp when Kenyon’s statement is the believed one.

  14. Rachel

    I agree, I think Liverpool shud be allowed to defend the cup after all, they beat AC Milan to get it. In a fantastic 2nd half display.

  15. halfNice

    Was anyone else hoping our neighbours from down the road would report Chelsea to the Premier League and get them docked points? It’s annoying the way they seem to have no regard for anyone just cos they’ve got some Russian crook behind them.

  16. Lyd

    I think that the Cole incident raises a whole range of issues. Firstly is it fair to only dock a team 3 points for an illegal approach to a player (possibly more cases if the tales from up the road are true), when a club like Wrexam loses 10 because ITV messed up a TV deal? I know none of us are naive enough to think that agents and players don’t sound out clubs, just like people in other jobs. But the nature of football is different to most other jobs, and the system is there to strike a balance between players (being paid when injured, not being dumped with out recourse etc.) and the clubs, whose main assets are their teams and their overall success. No one seems to be mentioning the influence of agents in this, bending and pressuring at the edges to get their commission from ‘assets’ that have a shelf life of 20 years or less. I for one am fed up with our team being trawled through the papers every summer as agents try to engineer a move for their client (Anelka, Viera etc). At the minimum Chelsea have very cleverly tried to destabilise the dressing room of their nearest rivals, without spending more than the lose change from the clubs tips jar.

  17. Farnborough Gunner

    The Chelsea/Spurs story is the latest in a string of dodgy incidents involving Chelsea. As halfnice says, they have no regard for anyone, even now. This is why other clubs need to stand up to them, as Arsenal and Barcelona have done but others have failed to do. Maybe there was less firm evidence in other cases, but I would have expected more from ManU & Liverpool regarding Ferdinhand & Gerrard.
    Spurs have to report Chelsea to the PL for this after going public. Otherwise their complaints just look like a bargaining ploy.

    Does anyone know whether the PL can act anyway, or whether they need a formal complaint from Spurs?

    The real shame here is what is happening to Chelsea. They have always been a decent club who played attractive football. They are paying a high cost for their success in terms of damage to their reputation which will remain long after the current regime & successes have gone.

  18. Lee.

    Farnborough Gunner, we could not hate them more then Man U.

    COULD WE????????????????????????????

  19. Mrs Woo

    Apropos of the Cole affair. It’s odd that we managed to pay Edu and Sol enormous amounts whilst they were off injured but couldn’t scrape the barrel to find the extra £5,000 pw for Ash, playing at full stretch. I have to say that I would’ve been hacked off if my agreement had been reneged upon. Altho’ the deal had to be ratified by the Board. They are the chief troublemakers, if you ask me. Which you don’t. ( And JB

    Chelsea’s laissez-faire, cavalier attitude to running a football club smacks of theCosa Nostra, but the Russian branch, this time.

    Am going to read a nice book/books ’til next August. Ho Hum.

  20. vivb

    Spurs will role over but they are thinking £££, DD could have done the same with Chelski but he made it personal, Cole’s got caught in the crossfire which I reackon was their wish.

    If Cole wanted 60K a week and he wasn’t going to get it at Arsenal then i’m happy if his agent goes to see if other clubs were interested. I don’t expect loyalty from professional players and how many players stay at one club. Lampard is felt of as a true Blue but he walked out of West Ham.

    Trouble is it doesn’t seem many teams were/are interested in Cole I suspect he is regarded more highly here than abroad.

    Also how many teams really want to pay their left-back £60k. If 11 first team players were on that it would cost £34.32m plus win bonuses, NI etc. Our total income for 2003/2004 was £115m, so how do we pay the rest of the staff, stadium maintenance, travel etc as well as servicing stadium debt pay new transfer fees etc the numbers don’t stack up. For comparison Man Utd had £171m income, Real £156m, Milan £147, Chelski £143m, Juve £142, Barcelona & Bayern £110m.

  21. terizzio

    Hello all, long time reader first time poster.

    1. Is Ashley happy with the way things have gone? What has he got out of this? There has been no pay raise to date.
    If my boss had offered to double my wages a few months back and I was dtill waiting I’d be sure that I hadn’t played my cards right.
    Perhaps he should consider new business advisors: which leads me to my second point…

    2. Ashley is not the Pope, nor is he a minor. I don’t care who, how or why he’s taken this course of action: he has made these choices. I’ve noticed that because he has not set out his own position clearly many are demonising others in this sad tale but he is responsible.

    3. Chelsea. Have they gained from this?
    I’d say no, and here’s why. The greatest competitive advantage is good management, yet Chelsea are demonstrating their ineptitude in public. Peter Kenyon is considered a lair by the League, Jose Mourinho has been caught in a lie by two separate disciplinary bodies. A football league is not a normal market and cannot be monopolised, and political relationships that Chelsea wish to develop are now damaged. They cannot lead the league. Their vast funding doesn’t allow them to aquire every talented player or staff member, and we’re seen evidence now that the decision making within their management is juvenile.

    A shame really. The one saving grace was that they did play some football to win the league. But I’m convinced that this is not going to be a one team league through their failings alone.

  22. vivb

    How good is Ryan Smith? Does he play left back?

  23. uncle fester

    What gets me is Cole said he could never play against Arsenal then why speak to the back sliders,having endured this crap i think nobody knows what the truth is anymore it has been lost in a web of lies this started because Arsenal would not pay Cole’s ponce £150’000 a year for each year of his contract .Arsenal told him that his client should pay him which sounds fair to me.Its time Cole left,as i see him as problem we dont need we have good cover in Clichy who will be as good as Cole given time,then Wenger can use the cash to strengthen in other areas,as for Cole he should look and listen to other players who have left Arsenal most say they wished they had never left and most dont do very well.

  24. Rob

    If I am correct, Ryan Smith is a Forward (Left/Centre). Ryan Garry is, I think, a left back from our youth team.

  25. halfNice

    It’s funny there’s been no talk of Reyes leaving yet. Reckon he’ll stay after all?

  26. vivb

    With Chelski not interested there are no English teams who could buy him anyway hence his not commiting on the racism in Spain/Italy. He has got himself into a bit of a corner, hense DD hope to talk him round next season.

    I just wonder whether this all will adversely effect AW if the board went against his advice to pay £60k a week. How many other of his targets will slip through the net?

  27. Ali (Cole Fan)

    Why is everyone so against Ashley Cole? Why would the guy give 2 contradicting interviews in one day, 1 to the daily mirror slating Arsenal, Wenger, ‘the french boys’, and 1 to the Gaurdian, sayin he loves Arsenal, Wenger, ‘the french boys! Which paper would you rather trust, the tabloid word twisting, news creating, wankers at the daily mirror, or the Gaurdian who actually report real news, and dont manufacture stories and quotes to suit there mindless readers needs.

    Also, why would he slate Wenger when he has never said a bad word about Cole ever since we first heard of him, and was by all accounts the main man trying to get Cole his extra 5K a week.

    Having said that i do believe Ashley Cole made those comments but i believe they have been manipulated and twisted to sound more dramatic and more aggresive towards the public who read this absolute gobshite. Why would this guy who has always seemed to have a great relationship with all the otha players, particularly Pires and Henry, with their left wing combinations, suddenly turn against them? He wouldnt!

    I hope he stays because along with Henry and Vieira, he is the only other player in the squad we can say, and other fans of Man Utd and Chelsea, are usually happy to say is truly World Class! (personally i would add a few more to the list) and the more world class players, not just potential World Class like Cesc, Senderos and RVP, Arsenal have the better they will be for it!

    This guy is probably going to be the top fullback in world football for at least the next 7/8 years! and who wants to miss his magic combinations with Pires and Henry! so why get rid of him?!?

    I hope he stays and for a long time aswell!

    And please can people stop saying that Cole is ungrateful for not accepting £55K a week, and he’s being spoilt! They live in a world of huge wages like that, thats what they all earn its not just him that gets a lot! Infact that isnt even much for a World Class Player and i wouldve said he required something more like £70-80K a week, which is what lesser players get elsewhere, but he was happy with £60K(when he couldve got more elsewhere) and if DD offered him that then DD shouldve delivered it!

  28. Ali (Cole Fan)

    Having said that Gael Clichy is more than capable cover!

  29. Lee.

    Some good points vivb, I wonder how he will deal with a Spanish move from the racism problem, cos they do not appear to have even attempted to tackle this problem over there.
    But I really don’t see him @ Highbury this coming season with all that now been said from his corner. He don’t appear want reconciliation to me.
    As for the AW targets when was the last time he went after a high-roller, he’s seems to enjoy bringing on talent not working with the finished article. I can’t see this changing even when we get to new stadium & the obvious lift in income.
    Unless of course as AW mentioned he may then move-on.

  30. East Upper

    Ahhhh! Martin Hayes. Now he was a player.

  31. RotorGoat

    Top scorer one year, was Martin. Most of them penalties, but let’s not quibble.

  32. chozzer

    If Ash wants to go, then fcuk off.
    If he wants to stay, I’ll love him till he leaves.
    Players come and go, we go on forever.
    Cmon you redcurrant gooners (whoever you may be)

  33. pjana

    Half Nice sta ima care 🙂 ehehe, neka vala ima ljudi da se moze na bosanskom reci da je kol legenda igrac, seru dzaba ehhe

    I dont know that Cole is guilty for anything, you arent good supporters really, i dont believe that u protect someone else, and not a cole who gives his live for arsenal.

  34. pjana

    however, did u heard that Massimo Oddo from Lazio is rumour for Arsenal, he is very good player, fast with the ball and good position man

  35. East Upper

    Martin got 24 goals (12 were pens)

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