Manuel Wants To Be Automatic

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What do we least need when we’re not playing well? Some good old-fashioned bitching, that’s what. Which is why it’s refreshing to hear second-choice third-rate keeper Manuel Almunia boosting team morale by singing the praises of his team mate Jens Lehmann.

“My relationship with Lehmann is the same as ever, we don’t really have one,” he says in today’s Sun.

“Some people are only interested in themselves and Jens is very cold and closed,” he said, gushingly.

Nice one, Manuel.

He’s also confident of becoming Arsenal’s number one number one – well, you can’t fault the bloke for confidence.

Me, personally – I think he should be used only as a penalty shootout supersub.

More on his comments here.

Mass Debate

Well, something of a debate seems to have been sparked off following our lacklustre defeat on Tuesday night. The need to buy players is widely accepted, the poor form of others highlighted, and the need for more competition within the squad called for. Some even go so far as to question Wenger’s suitability for the job – have we ever heard that before this season?

By the law of averages, we were always going to have a worse-than-usual league season under Wenger at some point. That it has taken nine years to come is testament to the man. He needs to address areas of weakness, for sure, but let’s wait until 1st February before judging him on that front. There are nineteen days still to go.

And yes, the passion was lacking on Tuesday, which is unacceptable, even when taking the mitigating factors into account – lots of games, first leg only, etc, etc. He needs to kick a few arsenals in that department too.

But, look at the wider picture: We’re in the Champions League, the FA Cup and the Milk Cup still, and it remains well within our reach to salvage a top four position in the league.

Think…. Positive….Thoughts…


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