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I’m afraid I retreated into my shell somewhat after Sunday’s loss, which I watched in the company of my six-year-old. He glared at me a few times plaintively towards the end. “It’s a good lesson for life”, I said (or I thought about saying, before patting him on the shoulder and muttering something pointlessly unreassuring.)

You will of course find all the critiques you can muster elsewhere, and have no doubt consumed them all (or bypassed them) already. I’m certainly too late to go over it all again.

Above is a Wordle created using some of Wenger’s words here. I have no scientific proof to back my following point up, but it seems to me that these last two seasons, more than before, Wenger has at times used some very honest language post-defeat. Perhaps a combination of exasperation and pressure (or maybe there have just been more defeats to choose from). Who knows, but I’m not sure I’d find many people who’d disagree with the sentiment.

Anyway, I think I can cheer us all up with a picture of Martin Hayes.



Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. joan

    We all know its over for AW. Sad but true. Its all about the exit strategy now.

  2. Adam Elder

    I thought we looked better with Ox, Rosicky and the new guy all on the pitch at the end. Although we didn’t lay siege to their goal as one might expect.

    Lots of negativity this week about the game, and yes we’re on a bad run, but to me Sunday felt like ‘one of those days’ as much as anything. The boss was even having wardrobe issues, what with those old-man trainers…

  3. Anonymous

    I think most of them are playing with blindfolds on. The style of play has gotten slower. The defence is all over the place There is no directness and pace ( a la Bergkamp and Henry) in the box. And worst of all most of the players think they are legend. Legends in there own lunch box.
    Mr Martinez you are required in the marble halls – muy rapido.

  4. Anonymous

    After Wigan away 2 seasons ago (the 2-3 from 2-0 up) I heard Wenger’s post-match words & thought it was a turning point. I was elated. He’d had enough of the underachievers. It wasn’t. After he did it several times last season lots of people forgot about Wigan & thought this was the time he would change. I told everyone he wouldn’t. Why would it be any different ? The harshness of his post-match words (though welcome) just sounds now like a man who knows the game is up rather than one expecting his team to react in the right way.
    I said this countless times last season : if AW was ever going to win the league again that was the chance. Chelsea all over the place, worst Utd team in years, Liverpool a shambles, City’s mercenaries still learning to play together……one or two signings & it was ours. A back-up for Song on his own could have done it…….
    and I ask the same question now I asked all of last season ? If we have a manger who isn’t capable of ever winning the league again why is he still in the job ????

    Sad but true indeed Joan. Will be the saddest day in my 30 years of supporting the club. (bar the death of the magical Rocky, a day I admit I wept like a baby at THOF) The man was a genius, an incredible manager. The key word though is was….
    The problem Joan is there is no exit strategy. Arsene’s too stubborn & the Board haven’t the balls. It is all going to drag on until the ending is far from amicable. How horrible would that be…

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