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SO, we’re playing Prague tonight, and as everyone knows by now, the good news is our injuries have begun to subside. With the experience of Gilberto in the middle and the boost received from Henry being back in the squad, plus the return of spiky forward van Persie, we’ve got a little more to call on. By gum, do we need it.

I’ve got a good feeling about tonight – there must be something wrong with me.

(Predictable) rumour of the day: Kirkland? He had a blinder against us, but I can’t see the reds letting go of someone with that kind of promise, especially not to us. So your breath: Do not hold it.

Flat packed

If anyone’s got (at least) £285,000 spare, will you let me know? Those new flats, to be fashioned from the home of football, go on sale on the weekend of the Spuds game, and I quite fancy one. I especially like the idea of having one of those penthouse ones that span two floors with views out over the art deco glass sides of the East Stand, though I have a sneaking feeling I’d need a bit more than £285k to get one of those.

Joking aside, I’d be really interested to see how many of those flats get sold to Arsenal fans. And similarly, I wonder if any supporters of our chums from N17 will buy one? Can you imagine trying to explain that one away?

I think we can safely assume that no fan of Spuds will be spending his hard-earned on a slice of their foe’s former home, so surely that’s a usp the marketing men have missed?

“Buy a flat here – it’s a guaranteed Spuds free zone”.


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