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Amazing stuff last night, I must say. I didn’t give Liverpool a cat’s chance in hell at half-time, but clearly Hades has become a more pleasant environment for moggies these days. Anyway, I heartily congratulate them. Even the most ardent scouser will accept that this is far from the greatest Liverpool side there was, and that makes it all the more impressive.

It goes without saying that I’d love it to have been us there, but to me, it feels as far away as it ever has for Arsenal. Liverpool fans had won it four times already, and some almost expected to win it again. We’ve never won it, and few Arsenal fans expect to. Odd.

There’s some argument that Wenger’s formation in the FA Cup final – 4-5-1 – is one we could adopt in Europe, especially away. It’s a possibility I suppose. I’m of the opinion that we’ll do alright in it this season coming as long as our defence is as strong as it has been over the last few months. The 2006 Champions League final is in Paris, which would be fun.

Ah, dreams.

Kerplonk: Back to reality. The Telegraph this morning sheds a little more light on the Cole saga, reiterating what we’ve been told before – that Arsenal dropped a verbal salary offer from £60k a week to £55k, something that kicked off the whole sorry, messy saga Cole now finds himself embroiled in. It also hints at a strained relationship between David Dein and the rest of the board, and even questions Wenger’s long-term future given his close relationship with Dein. That’s all a bit fanciful, I think: Who would ever want to get rid of someone who has achieved as much as Wenger?

And finally, Ronaldinho wants Thierry Henry to join him at Barcelona. Well, bully for your Ron.


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  1. Colin

    If Ronaldinho is so kenn on playing with Henry, why doesn’t he come to Arsenal, I am sure he would get the odd game.

  2. Alan

    Denis’ last game! Champions League Final PARIS 2006! Then his testimonial – Highbury’s last match! Premiership and Champions League trophy’s paraded! You couldn’t make it up!

  3. WestUpperZombie

    The writer of the Telegraph piece is Mihir Bose whose past record of accuracy on Arsenal stories include him telling us with total authority that Arsenal would not secure the funding for Ashburton Close, and several other bullseyes. The man’s a cretin.
    As for Goofy Ron, let’s face it virtually every striker in the world would want TH14 alongside them in their team. They’ll all go on wanting though!!

  4. David

    The Telegraph piece was written by Mihir Bose, a well known Tottenham fan and someone who has repeatedly written Arsenal articles with a negative slant for a very long time. Take no notice of him.

  5. Alex

    Personally, I feel strangely liberated by Liverpool’s win. Last year there was the dodgy final between Porto and Monaco, now the new ‘champions of Europe’ can only manage a skin-of-the-teeth, non-qualifying 5th place in their own league. For me, what for years has been Arsenal’s (and my) ‘Holy Grail’ has suddenly and doubly been shown to be a devalued, tin vessel rather than a wondrous pot of gold.

    I know it’s the only trophy we’ve never one, but from being my first priority of four trophies to win, it now feels like a poor third choice.

    So today I feel free from all the feelings of frustration and failure this competition has previously made me feel. I’ve seen the reality and it’s empty! I really don’t have to worry any more. Yes, I’d still like to see us win it, just to say we have. But it’s hardly really a statement of greatness any more, is it? As Arsene said recently, winning the Premiership is clearly more significant.

  6. Andrew

    you forgot the FA Cup as well, just for old times sake

  7. RotorGoat

    Yeah – first FA Cup in new Wembley. Marvellous treble. No worries.

  8. Dom

    And I wonder if the new Wembley will have anywhere to park my magic unicorn because it’s all bound to happen.

    Did that sound cynical?

  9. Seelan

    Ronaldinho must join Arsenal and played in Midfield Role, but Viera should join Barcelona as a replace of Ronaldinho. Arsenal must offer Viera plus 7 million pound to get the world best palyer…….

  10. Rachel

    Seelan – 7 million and Vieira. U r jokin right?

  11. Oxted Gooner

    £10m plus Cygan – That should do the trick !!

  12. Amin

    yeah, we should adopt a 4-5-1, but not the same 4-5-1 in the fa cup.

    1. The stiker role should be played by someone who can at least run (Hnery/Van Persie)

    2. Play someone on the right (We were badly exposed by ronaldo)

    3. Play Gilberto behind to protect the defence and let Febregas play the attacking role, not the other way around.

  13. joseph ssenyonga

    that guy dino is jocking, if he want him let him come to highbary.and rechel should know that a capt in the team is pliz Rachel don’t even tolk about that i dont want to here it .PV4 he committed him self now to the team,so u just wait next season it will be arsenal lefting the CL trophy you just put their two eyes .God be with all gunners .he cong to all liverpool players they realy did a very good work .now since the trophy is in England, we dont want it to go away until the next 5 seasion to come.And i know our legue is now strong compared to other ones they used to put at the top!!.

  14. Rachel

    Joseph wat r u talkin about? I was defendin Vieira against seelan

  15. Paul Thor Skinbakk

    who’s seelan ? forlans younger brother ?

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