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A little non sequitur for you before Christmas…

I’ve seen this clip before – many of you will have done too – but I was very pleased to stumble over it again just now. As well as a great visual record of the 1932 Arsenal team, it ends with a rendition of ‘All good pals and jolly good company’. It must be on an official Arsenal history DVD somewhere – I’ve seen it many times.


Just a few observations:

The shorts. How good are the shorts? I want a pair. And they have been donned in all manner of jaunty ways by the 1932 cup final team
“My deputy, old Tom Whittaker” does not look like a man who enjoys the limelight. Cheer up Tom.
“The Boy Bastin” looks the business. Slightly bored, arms folded. Anyone called ‘The Boy’ has my vote.
How broad are Jack Lambert’s shoulders? He’s absolutely vast.
Tom Parker is as old as he looks, actually.
Joe Hulme was off to play cricket for Middlesex after the cup final. Those were the days! Imagine Eboue declaring he was off to open the batting for Glamorgan at the end of the season.
The Arsenal. All our players should call us The Arsenal. Bring that law back.
Edris (Eddie) Hapgood looks like a left-back not to be messed with.

I told you it was a bit random!

Happy Christmas / holidays one and all.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great reminder that we are The Arsenal.

    The shorts – cant get past the shorts- they are hideous. Still- looks like a team of confident players compared to our present bunch

  2. Michael Pacholek

    Wasn’t Bastin the one who, during The War (Capital T, Capital W, as my Grandma would say) was literally a gunner at Highbury, warding off the Luftwaffe on the roof, so that the stadium didn’t suffer the same kind of damage as Old Trafford?

    There was a Jack Lambert who played American football, and he was known for NOT being especially big, but he was mean. He would have reduced the Shawcrosses, Bellamys and Bowyers of the world to a quivering mass of Jell-O. I don’t know much about The Arsenal’s Jack Lambert, but considering how much the team won, he may have been just as good at his brand of football.

    Merry Christmas, and may your stockings be full of tickets — and, later, of trophies!

  3. Anonymous

    Hello Mr East Lower. My grandad lived in Islington in the 30s and knew a lot of the players, who would stay round his occasionally. My granny would wear black if we lost. Ted Drake and Charlie Buchan were his mates, and his favourite player was Alex James. I must try and get my granny to do a guest post on my blog – I’ll let you know. I’m a bit new to gooner blogging – I’ve read arseblog and the ‘holic for years, and I’ve really enjoyed your posts too. I’d love it if you could take a look at my blog – – and let me know what you think –; @arsenallyyours A link on your site would be brilliant. I’ve already got one on my site for you. Best wishes – top blogging sir!

  4. East Lower

    You should definitely get a guest post in – sounds a rich seam of information to mine.

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