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This time of year is bad for blogging, very bad indeed. We’ve got a couple of pointless internationals – ideal for picking up end-of-season injuries – and that’s the lot until mid-July, when the pre-season routine kicks in.

So on cue, Ashley Cole and Sol Campbell both picked up injuries in America, and you have to ask what the point is in going there, apart from the obvious commercial ones for an FA whose overdraft is rather large. All the players from the bigger, European-playing sides are knackered and need a break. Most of them have sensibly already pulled out, but neither Ash nor Sol did – the former because he’d rather be anywhere than England, and the latter because he needs to resurrect his England career. Anyway, at least they picked up injuries in America – they can now pop onto an internal flight to Florida and have their summer holidays.

Though if I were Ash I’d go somewhere in the midwest where nothing much happens, as all the indications show that he’ll be found guilty on Wednesday of asking Chelski round for tea. What’ll happen after that is anyone’s guess, but I’d like Cole to come clean, apologise, ditch his agent and commit to us. I know football teams are increasingly multinational, and I know it shouldn’t matter what country you’re from, but I still maintain it’s healthy to have a core few Englishmen in your side, and we don’t have that many.

If he were to go, we’d just have Sol Campbell, with a few others in the distant background – Stuart Taylor (who will probably be sold this summer anyway), Justin Hoyte, David Bentley and Ryan Garry being perhaps the furthest up the pecking order.

And besides, Ashley Cole is a fine, fine footballer – the best in his position in the league. There’s another reason why the issue needs resolution.

Latest big money rumour: £20m for Fernando Torres. It’s in the Sunday People, apparently.


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  1. Jay Jay

    Sod Torres, Get in Robinho!! How could he possibly turn down Arsenal!!!!

  2. Withnail and Ian Ure

    20m for Torrres? Someone’s been on the juice.
    Anyhow a centre back and a right sided midfielder are bigger priorities.
    As for Cole you are right and he needs to own up. He should blame the club also as they screwed up his negotiations, and get rid of his appaling agent, who cannot lie straight in bed. He would then be welcomed back into the fold, mostly though because he is a very good player.
    Ok that’s the world put to rights on a Sunday morning.

  3. RotorGoat

    Yes – the club, it seems, is not faultless here either. For the sake of an extra £5k a week too. I mean, I’d be angry if I was only offered £5k a week more than I’m on. Hmmm… Aaaaahh…

  4. pete

    Robinho is exactly what we need,better than ROBBEN,faster than RONALDO,trickier than RONALDINHO and a DELIGHT to watch ,he is to be the next KING PELE who himself has personally endorsed him to be better than him!!!!!!!Surely what more can you ask for.

  5. Dev

    If the stories linking us with robinho are true, we’ve only got the next ronaldinho! Imagine that? whatever happens this summer i reckon we’ll have a lot more flair next season!

  6. Gerry Gooner

    Robinho! Read all the Sunday tabloids etc and teletext- appears we are strongly linked. If we were to spend the money on a player of his calibre and reputation it will be similar to the signing of Berkamp- it would send out a great message and lift the players al;ready at the club. I still think we need strenthening on the right (Hleb?) and at the back. A goalkeeper wouldn’t go astray either and i think we should pull out all the stops to get Shay Given- he’s class and he’s irish- what more do we want!!!!

  7. LAgunner

    i think we can get robinho but with title buyers chelski…and talent killers real madri…they will try to up the price and would kill any chance we would have but after saying that last year when madrid and chelski went in for him he said that if he should move away from brazil he would rather play at a club where he would be able to play his football, he has no chance at chelski or madri…only arsenal.

    these players are on my list to come in the summer tell me what u think about them….Robinho……KUIJT and KALOU from feyenoord……Essien cause he really don’t want to go to chelski trust me on that one cause if it was for money he would put pen to paper it’s arsenal he’s waiting on but wenger is moving slow, i bet Essien to arsenal will be the shock move of the summer…….Nemi……VINCENT KOMPANY from Rsc anderlrcht this guy is a center back young powerful and full of talent he played in the champions league for anderlrcht did well against real madri. He said he wants to come and play in london….HELB and wirght-phillips..but w-phillips needs to get alife and stop all this talking about staying at city, this a player who looks at every arsenal game so why dont he just come on over and stop the bullshit cause his dad will not let him go to chelski we all know this so stop the ‘i am staying at city bullshit’ you are not going to get anywhere with them…..come over to arsenal and stop the childs play.

    Mbami from PSG….and Sidney GOVOU from lyon they are on free trans…

    My last player is Anatolii Tymoschuk from shakhtar he wants to leave them to come and play in london….he says he likes the physical aspect of the english game…..thats bad news for the neville’s sisters who loves to kick their men about…because this guy would love them to kick him so thats my set of players tell me what u think about them.

  8. halfNice

    Robinho. We haven’t got a hope in hell. Next rumour, please.

  9. LutherBlissett

    Does Robinho play on the left wing too? We are short of left-sided forwards after all… My preferred signing would be Dean Ashton – Senderos looks pretty useful with a long ball…

  10. pete

    Robinho is so good that he can dribble past several players so fast that he shall make ur heads spin,exactly what we need some one to dribble past any defence ,you may say he is lightweight but do you remember when we aquired Vieira from Ac milan he was just the same if not worse and he has become so influeincial in our midfield that even Madrid has always wished he was on their squad,i reckon Robinho shall do the same for us in our attack thus reduce the budden we put on Henry to score for us always as he is only human,he has told Wenger this and now he has surelly acted upon it,next season we shall be having more fire power that even when we are not playing well we shall be collecting the necessary points unlike this season.

  11. be

    AM I the only one who hopes we don’t get Robinho? I read an interview with the guy & his coach and it was implied that he used performance enchancing drugs. I don’t doubt the talent but I don’t think he can cope with the pysicality of the English game & his performace will drop bcos he will not be able to use any drugs. If he does sign for us, I hope I’m wrong and he turn out great!

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