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I’m not convinced I’ve quite mastered the direction of this season. A campaign that has had some impressive highs – six goals scored twice, five goals once and four goals four times – has also seen some of the ropiest home form for a while, and yet here we are at the top of the league. Are we enjoying it? Well yes, of course, how can we not be, but the team is running the home fans through the mixer. It’s been very Arsenal.

There’s no doubt that Nasri and Chamakh deserve plaudits aplenty for their goal hauls this season – both have been excellent and their contributions have been priceless in keeping us in the hunt. They’ve scored 21 goals between them which in bingo terms is the key to the door.

It’s interesting how things have changed in just one year. Last term, our four highest scorers – Fabregas, van Persie, Bendtner and Arshavin – scored 53 goals between them, yet just a few months later only one of those players, Arshavin, is on target to match last season’s haul. Thus far, those four have just 14 goals.

So thank heavens for Chamakh’s impressive debut season and Nasri’s astonishing vein of form. Mon chapeau est doffed, as they say in France.

But really, we’ve got to lick this home form. Key to any improvement, as Wenger is happy to admit, is a defence that can defend better.

Wenger: “We had some hesitations at the back”

We’ve conceded 10 goals at home – a record bettered by a similar number of Premier League sides, including sieve-like Villa. Away from home, we are passing muster on that front but there’s undeniably room for improvement on the hallowed turf of the home of football.

But you know what? With Nasri fizzing away, Arshavin regaining form, Chamakh doing his thang and Wilshere bursting onto the scene, I know what it’s better to concentrate on.

When we are being attacked with gusto though, I may from now on just put my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la la” until it goes away.


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  1. Heston

    La la la la la. Indeed.

  2. Jeff Flanagan

    Great blog. Always a good read.

  3. Richard E

    I thought the way Squillacci took out Koscielny shows the way the defence is feeling a little unsure of each others responsibilities.

    I think Vermaelen alongside Squillacci would improve things and hopefully Clichy would remember to defend again, although it may be time for Gibbs to have a run back there.

    Just seen a League Table for 2009-10 after 16 games, we were 3rd with 32 points and United and Chelsea had 37 and 35 respectively. Do the argument that the others have worsened while we have remained the same kind of holds.

  4. Gunner mac

    Tommy v alongside anybody will do us at the mo’,apart from JD who is making my initial doubts about him vanish as the season progresses. the two new defenders i still have doubts.

  5. 433

    I think we have the right personnel to win a string of games, including the options in defensive positions.

  6. eboueboue

    “When we are being attacked with gusto though, I may from now on just put my fingers in my ears and sing “la la la la” until it goes away.”

    Just like Wenger does. Arf!

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