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Ah well, yes, there it is.

A very good morning to you all on this painfully long international week. Though England do not play until Saturday – they were too busy agreeing their £300k win bonuses, ha! (And do they get fired if they lose?) – France have already knocked 90 minutes on the head. No mucking about in Europe for them either; it was off to sunny Martinique for Les Bleus. That, in the trade, is known as a jolly.

And while most Arsenal fans would rather wrap Thierry Henry up in cotton wool and put him in a padded room, it’s still worth congratulating him for slotting in his 31st goal for France, making him joint second (with Trezeguet), and ten behind France’s all-time top scorer, the legendary Michel Platini (41 goals).

Three Gunners – one current, two former – led the line. Is that worth mentioning? No, I agree.

Elsewhere, rumour has it we’ve signed Carlos ‘Kickaball’ Vela. It’s got to be true as it’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Wenger deal: Almost unknown, from an exotic country, very young, rich in promise, with a convoluted route to N5 (via Valencia until he turns 18, we are told).

So that’s exciting, sort of.


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