Gunners powder goes all soggy

Fulham 2-1 Arsenal

“I feel the team are ready to make that jump,” said Wenger. “If they are not we have no chance to do it”.

Well that’s clear then – no chance.

Tonight’s defeat, our third domestic reverse in five, was the ninth time in fourteen league games we have conceded first, and tonight, like at Bolton on Saturday, we actually gave our hosts a two goal advantage. We couldn’t recover. We especially couldn’t recover as, for the most part, we played like drains. Sixteen points from the top, and thirteen from the bottom. That’s the top and the bottom of it this evening.

Evidently, the dropping of our two first-choice full-backs made no difference, and nor did the recall of Henry, van Persie and Rosicky. The Merse on Sky Sports reckoned Thierry had as poor a game as he’d ever seen him have, and as for Alex Song – what’s that all about? If he’s got what it takes to flourish at this level, he’s keeping mum about it.

Our November allergy has struck with a vengeance, and Wenger’s going to have to dish out a lot of Piriton to turn this messy situation around.

At least we’ve got an easy few weeks ahead. Ha.


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