Fun And Sunshine, (There’s Enough For Everyone)

Storming performance, again, and with all the other results having gone in our favour, it was an enjoyable Saturday night chez RotorGoat, I can tell you. And to top it all off, myself and the former Bengeo Tiger sitting next to me managed to unleash our Nigel Flamini song onto our unsuspecting audience. It went down well (at least, it did with the few who heard it).

After a slow start it became a procession, with Adebayor heading things off. He really does add a new dimension to our side, doesn’t he? How many other players would have been in the right place at the right time to nod that first goal in? Henry’s goals were both absolute gems, (when substituted he was clapped off the pitch by the whole of the Villa away support, which says something), van Persie’s was arguably even better, and the rout was ended with a debut goal for Abou Diaby.

As everyone else has pointed out elsewhere today, the win was tempered by injuries to Fabregas and Eboué, two players who have epitomised the youthful verve of our side over the last month or so. At 40/60, it’s not looking promising for Wednesday.

Tough juggling act thought, isn’t it? We could risk them both against Juve, only to have them unfit for Sunday’s crucial showdown up north, or we could do things the other way round. Given his barnstorming display yesterday, Diaby would fit in well in a five-man midfield out in Turin, but our offensive options would be curtailed slightly. Then again, at 2-0, that’s perhaps not the end of the world.

As for right-back, well a few months ago Kerrea Gilbert would have been a shoe-in there, but he’s only played one game since coming back from injury (a 5-1 twonking against S’thampton for the reserves), so I suspect a game of this importance is a game too soon for him. We’re more likely to see Djourou come in and play either at centre-half or right-back.


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