Four of the Beast for six-shooting Gunners

Liverpool 3-6 Arsenal

I’m speechless. That really was six goals we put past Liverpool – away.

Sure, the hosts played some second-stringers, but the team we put out only contained, in theory, two of our usual starting eleven, so we were hardly at full strength ourselves.

The difference tonight was that our second string were absolutely sizzling hot. They were simply magnificent – and that’s with Walcott pretty subdued too.

The passing, with Fabregas as ever the fulcrum, was excellent, and the two front men didn’t put a foot wrong.

I love to be proved wrong when it comes to an Arsenal player, and tonight I was, by Aliadière. His individual performance was faultless, and if he could play like that every time he comes on his future at Arsenal would be somewhat clearer. It was his best game in an Arsenal shirt by several furlongs, a menacing blend of pace and skill. Jezza, keep it up. Well played.

Then there was Baptista, who if it wasn’t for a good penalty save would have scored five at Anfield. I’m not sure if that’s ever been done – as it is, Arsenal were the first team to score six at Anfield since the start of the First World War. His stats tonight read Shots: 4 On Target: 4 Goals: 4. The beast was hungry like the wolf.

These kinds of results don’t come round so often. I remember it being done to us in the Rumbelows in 1991. What goes round comes round, and here we are 16 years later the beneficiaries of a similar scoreline.

Fantastic stuff.

Arsène has said his cheque book’s in the drawer this transfer window. It’s a decision that doesn’t look so stupid right at this moment in time.


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