For His Own Sake, Please Shut Him Up

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Respect? Our former left-back wouldn’t know it if it slapped him in the face with a wet fish.

You know, in some ways I’m glad that he has released his ‘book’. Principally, because fans of other sides can see what Arsenal fans have been banging on about for some time – that he is so far detached from real life it’s embarrassing.

I didn’t want to say another word about the matter because to me is symbolises all that is wrong about some modern footballers, but I cocked a snook at some of things he said in yesterday’s Times and it left me transfixed.

Put simply, he appears to have been upset at not being afforded the superstar status he desired. The poor diddums feels he was hard done by.

Hard done by indeed – earning around £60,000 a week, working once or twice in that period and training in the mornings. It’s a hard life, isn’t it?

And in this morning’s instalment, he gives us the ‘real’ story behind the meeting at the hotel that was the beginning of the end. And what a load of old cobblers it is – painting it as some wonderful coincidence, a meeting at the same hotel with [what turned out to be] his future employers, like bumping into your mum in the Amazonian rainforest.

It’s all me me me – it’s sickening.

And who the hell’s going to buy this book, I was wondering this morning? Not Arsenal fans, that’s for sure. Not other fans – why would they? Neutral fans would only buy the biography of a much-loved footballing legend, like Best, Moore or Pele. And I can’t really see that many fans of his new club buying it either, given that much of it must be about his career with Arsenal.

Right, that’s my lot. I will never utter another word on the matter. Of that much you can be sure.


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