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I’ve set my stall out re: Cap’n Pat – I don’t want him to leave – but the more I think about it, if he’s ever going to depart, this year would be the year.

For Arsenal, money would be a big motivating factor. He’s still worth something in the region of £12-£15m (Claude Ukelele went for that price, and he was around the same age), but that’s £10m less than last year, and next year, when he is 30, it will have decreased yet further.

When he signed – and proved himself to be a unique talent – almost nobody expected him to remain at Arsenal forever. The fact he’s been here nine years already is amazing, to be frank. He’s our second longest serving player, after Dennis Bergkamp.

But it’s taken a Herculean effort to keep him here these last two seasons, so if he agitates for a move again, perhaps this time would be the time to let the deal go through.

Two years ago, seeing him leave would have led to much hair-tearing and groaning, but this year, most fans seem more prepared to entertain the thought. Perhaps we’ve just had enough of the boring saga that unfolds each summer. Perhaps, deep down, some people feel he’s not the player he once was (I disagree – every player has a bad half-season at some stage).

Obviously, the whole deal hinges on whether the man himself wants to go – and whether Wenger is prepared to let him go – and neither man has said anything yet. Strangely enough, much to everyone’s great frustration, last summer Vieira barely said a word either.

This might drag on.

And as for the Chelski boss’s rant – we’ve been rustled! Yup, we run the FA, and we all gang up on Chelski. It’s a fair cop.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Vince

    First…chavski’s mouno….no comment other than the bloke is a total, self centered, arrogant c–t with more money to spend than the rest of football put together so f–k him!!

    I reckon something is happening, whether it depends on us getting some dosh in first via Paddy I don’t know but The Real Chosen One is up to something and, you know when he is it’s usually good… the man.


    I agree with above comment,somethings going on not convinced baptista deal is dead.I just hope with all the possible coming and goings that we hit the ground running on 13/8

  3. Danno

    It’s all very strange. Juve’s offer appears to be a bit of cash and a couple of their reserve players. that’s never going to happen and if they can’t stump up serious cash then Arsenal won’t countenance it. Hill-wood’s comments do appear though to let everyone know that Arsenal might consider offers.

    Got to admit that it’s ironic that this is happening in the one year Vieira doesn’t seem keen to abuse the club then leave…

    Can’t help the feeling that something major is afoot at the Arse.

  4. Liberty

    Links: AWIMB | Table | NewsNow
    Published: Wednesday 13th July 2005
    Zidane Urges Vieira to Do Juan…
    Real Madrid’s balding, has-been genius Zinedine Zidane has chucked in his two pesata’s worth, fuelling the Vieira to Madrid rumours. Despite strong rumours of Vieira going to Juventus, Zidane said: “After eight years at one club it would be good for Patrick to have a big move. He is still at an age where he is at the top of his game. It would be good for him, and Real, if he joins us. Who doesn’t see a place for Patrick here? A change of air could do him good…”

    Check out our new Chelsea t-shirts…
    Wind up your mates!

    Mourinho – The Arrogant Mans Fergie…?
    Arrogant, slimy twat (can you tell we don’t like him any more?) Jose Mourinho has been spouting off again, this time about David Dein’s role within the FA. Our vice-Chairman is on the FA, and Mourinho had this to say: “Some are treated as devils, some as angels, we are not so ugly to be treated like devils and I don’t think Arsene Wenger and David Dein are so beautiful to be treated as angels, I went to Brazil for a holiday, I didn’t go to chase players and have secret meetings with clubs…”

    Yeah, just as I’m positive that Deino has been to numerous London hotels and didn’t go illegally chasing other left backs you cocky nobber…

    Pires Close to Deal…
    Its thought (i.e. I read it on Teletext) that Robert Pires is close to agreeing a deal which will see him move to Turkish side Galatasary. Despite bing offered a one year deal in line with our contract policy Pires is unhappy with the offer, and the club areapparently tempted to let the sulky genius go now, rather than letting him go for nothing next year. There is a quote on Teletext, but I can’t be arsed to go into the other room and copy it, it bascially says: “We (Galatasary) are close to reaching an agreement or summat like…”

    Hleb Deal Finalised…
    We (Arsenal, not ArsenalShorts) have wrapped up the Hleb deal, securing a work permit for the Belarussian midfielder. The 24 year old has joined us on a deal which could total around £10m and a club statement revealed yesterday that his work permit has been sorted. Sir Wenger said “Hleb has proved his ability with his performances in the Bundesliga in recent seasons and he definitely has the potential to do very well with Arsenal…”

    Silva Lining Up Move…
    (nice headline wise guy) According to Sky Sports Villarreal are up for signing our Oirish playmaker Gilbert O’Silva. The are being met with short shrift (for that read eff off) but according to the Spanish club, they are ready to step up their bid to lure the player to Spain, according to the players agent however, Gilbert is happy at Hghbury for now…

  5. Alan

    Tell Mourinho to go to hell. For every home fixture after a European game we have an away fixture before. What a complete tosser!

  6. Liberty

    There are a few interesting stories around at the moment.

    Firstly, it is worth taking a few seconds to swat away the ludicrous comments by Jose Mourinho yesterday. He said: “After the first five games of next season’s Champions League we have to play away while Arsenal are at home.” Apparently David Dein’s presence at the FA is responsible for this fact.

    Leaving behind the fact that his comments are clearly crap and also slanderous, it is the Premier League who issue the fixture list and not the Football Association. Oh. But anyway, let us just imagine that David Dein does actually fix the whole fixture list.

    Well, guess what? Before all SIX of our Champions League games we will play away, while Chelsea will play all SIX at home. So clearly we are going to be at a massive disadvantage going in to European games. In fact, this can explain all our failings in Europe for the last seven years. Or at least it can if you employ Mouinhoesque paranoia. What a load of crap.

    It’s funny how so many people seem so ready to criticise Dein’s involvement in the FA without actuallty being able to cite any actual incident of bias. The only complaint I have heard came from Fergie who was unhappy Arsenal had received a recrod £175,000 fine and eight game collective ban for the high crime of pushing one of his players.

    Personally, I hope Dein sues Mourinho. That would be funny.

    It has gone almost uncommented on that we appear posed to sell the club captain, Patrick Vieira, to Juventus. Just a year ago, his possible move to Real Madrid filled the papers for days on end and gave the fuel to many a pre-season Arsenal discussion among fans.

    But now it has hardly evoked comment. Strangely, the club appear to be considering his sale. Were it to be sanctioned, it would probably be for about £10 million less than Real were offering last year. A year ago we were resolute in our determination to keep him. No longer is that resolve there. A year ago we had Edu. No longer is he there.

    To be honest, I am completely confused about all of this. Arsene Wenger has never sought to sell his best players (Paul Merson being just about the only exception). Patrick Vieira is also our captain and in a way the foundation on which the Wenger era was built. I don’t know why we are considering selling him.

    Perhaps fans have not been talking about it because Patrick Vieira and possible transfers became boring a long time ago. But perhaps also his poor last season means that many no longer see him as the indispensable force he once was.

    Personally, I am very wary of selling Paddy. However bad last season may have been, it is far easier to lose a top class player than it is to replace him. And Vieira is a top player. And we would need a seriously good replacement.

    Whatever the situation, it seems hard to believe that we simply consider him worth cashing in on aged 29.

    It also seems that Galatasaray could be closing in on Robert Pires. Which, as I have previously said, does not appeal to me.

  7. Vince

    When he arrived here I didn’t like him at all….then I started to think “He ain’t such a bad bloke” Now he is a bigger c–t than manures red faced git and that takes some doing but in a single season he has done it. Didn’t see the away games bit, well noticed Alan and yes a complete tosser!!

  8. halfNice

    So if PV does leave, who will/should play his position?

  9. Dangerous Minds

    Mourinho is clearly right to complain about the unparalleled fixture fixing which will prevent plucky Chelsea form operating on a level playing field this season. I find it outrageous that Arsenal have home fixtures following every CL game this season. Including the one follwoiung the final CL stage 1 game which will be played at Arsenal’s well known home ground St James Park Newcastle. Mourinho is clearly correct to expect that everyone should ahve to operate under the same rules. Otherwise what would stop a Russian gangster from buying up a club and providing it with funding enabling it to operate way above the levels its actual cash reserves and business model would allow, in order to gain for himself a UK passport.

  10. RotorGoat

    That’s the $1m question. No idea!

  11. wengerball

    I think PV4 is actually going to quit the HoF this year – never believed it before, even when he cleaned out his locker last season. What’s more I reckon le Boss is happy for him to go and that means he has a plan to replace him – has to, there’s no one in the squad now who can step up especially with Edu gone too.
    There are major changes afoot – there has to be at least one other major transfer deal in the wings.
    Mourinho’s moans are just a taster of what’s to come all this season with him and Ferguson stepping in their mutual love in.

  12. Keith

    If Paddy did tell Cole to ask for £80K (I know he denied it but…) then that might explain why Arsene would let him go. A captain who undermined the team wouldn’t be worth keeping (and his form was very patchy last year). No idea who the replacement will be but AW must have someone lined up.

  13. Ali

    After seeing Gilberto and Fabregas together at the start of last season, I’m less worried about PV4 going than last year. Tony Adams was hinting last season that PV4 did not have much longer in the game due to his on going knee and leg problems, so maybe now is the time to cash in.



  15. Black Jack Mactar

    Who will replace Paddy eh.
    Didn’t Baptista used to play in central midfield?
    6ft . Built like a brick shit house. Maybe Arsene has spotted something we have all missed. After all he did it with Kolo, Manu & Ralph. We also won’t be short of strikers either. With Bentley ( back from Norwich ) who likes to play in a more withdrawn role aka Dennis style which Henry prefers. And Wenger has just offered Quincy a new 3 year deal, so maybe he thinks that this could be his year to breakthrough.

  16. Mo

    I don’t want to see Paddy go because:

    a) I want to see him lift the CL trophy for us
    b) He deserves to lead us out at the new stadium
    c) When on form he wins games for us, very few players can touch him for quality
    d) It sends out the wrong signals to other so called ‘big clubs’
    e) We don’t have an adequate replacement – Cesc & Gilberto are good, but c’mon…
    f) He has unfinished business with Keane
    g) I’m not convinced that we need the money
    h) He’s only just started scoring again!

    Don’t get sucked into thinking that we can afford to lose one of the best players to ever grace the EPL, he’s got at least another season or two at the top of his game and if we don’t get much for him at the end of the day, who cares? I’d rather go to his testimonial than get a big fee for him and besides he cost us fvck all anyway. To paraphrase the northern monkeys, Our Captain’s Not 4 Sale!

  17. wengerball

    Love the idea that the Bap deal might not be dead but it almost certainly is. He would be perfect but he wants a spanish passport so he can keep playing in Europe because he’s unlikely to be playing enough Brazil games with their forward line-up.
    Now, with db10, RvP, Hleb and the return of Bentley – am i alone in thinking we have too many players wanting to operate in the space behind the striker, especialy as reyes and henry are hardly classic front men to play behind.
    It’s boring to say but Arsene still needs that “fox in the box” – we should be at the front of the pack to sign Owen now Robinho and Torres are dead in the water.

  18. bongo et al

    Good morning,
    Two terrific posts above (Davey Boy&BJmactar).
    If our skipper is to go – it will really be to Real. Even Juve’s Finance Dept. DO NOT BELIEVE SNARING PV IS POSSIBLE.
    Also note:
    Capello was the AC Milan manager who sold PV to us. So it a no go there.!
    Patrick Vieira will still be at Arsenal next year.. Who can match his current salary. (not forgetting a juicy testimonial- to come)!
    The Baptiste signing is the one we should be hoping for.
    Being a regular visitor to The Andalucian city- seville – i have seen the marauding monster create havoc with his power, skill, stealth and goalscoring prowess in the flesh.
    The Beauty(Henry) and The Beast (Baptiste) means a champion threat -and that would wipe the smile of the undignified Mourinhio’s greasy face!
    bongo et al

  19. vivb

    I thought Juve had been after Freddie, who has become more marginal.

    I don’t understand why PV is for sale now when AW said none were leaving this close season. Maybe he thinks to win in Europe things need shaking up, bring in younger players not saddled with the fear of past failures. Maybe it is to build for the future, but selling top class players won’t sell seats in the new stadium.

    Gilberto is negotiating a contract extension hense the Villareal rumours.



  21. Farnborough Gunner

    The differences between this year’s PV Panto and previous seasons’ are that this one appears to be initiated from the club, rather than PV, and AW is not taking every opportunity to say PV will be at Highbury next season.

    Something might well be afoot. As I said yesterday, I believe we may need to sell to raise funds to buy, maybe because the kitty is empty or maybe because AW has something special in mind; maybe we are at the front of the queue to sign Owen. Part exchange deal with PV? Maybe the Juve story is a ruse to prepare for a deal with Real.

    Maybe the board & management are waking up to the idea of recouping a decent sale fee for players, rather than letting them walk out for free, and have decided it is shrewd business to sell PV now.

    I am more worried about the impact of losing Pires; the stories linking him with a move are hotting up and do seem quite credible.

    But it’s all “maybes”. Still, we have to talk about something, and I can’t stand cricket!

  22. Lee.

    Looking @ what’s going on @ Newcastle hope PV4’s replacement is not Jermaine Jenas!!!

  23. Farnborough Gunner

    When Hill-Wood commented on the PV situation he seemed to open the door for offers on him. He also said the matter would be discussed at th next board meeting.

    AW previously said no big players would leave.

    Of course, this could all mean nothing, but maybe the board are forcing the issue to sell players, for financial reasons. If so, AW will be seriously p1ssed off – unless he just accepts it as the reality of the situation and sees it as the only way to fund the purchase of one or two biggies.

    More speculation, but what the hell- it’s what July is for!



  25. kipperman

    Looks like the general concencus is that PV4 will go. Have to agree with others that AW has not let us down in the past and cant believe he is about to now. I worry about Pires going more…17 goals + assists last season is comparible with anyone in the premiership. However Wenger works with these guys day in day out, so he knows. I hope to christ he gets it right if they do go though!

    Keep the faith everyone!!!!

  26. tommigooner

    With all the rumours re: Vieira & Bobby leaving. Does anyone REALLY think they will go? My concern is that we will have a complete new look midfield as Edu has gone as well. We should be adding strength to the team and with three out of four of the midfiled leaving – that doesn’t really make for much continueity (ok granted Edu didn’t figure all the time in midfield, however we haven’t replaced his talents as yet). Hleb is a decent buy however hasn’t played in the premiership, it will take (as history tells us) a few months for him to find his feet. Also i reckon most Gooners are a bit apathetic to PV4 leaving, I must admit in previous seasons i would of been gutted for PV4 to leave, however this time round after his lack lustre (who would of thought it anyone would say that?) season, his age and the emergence of ‘Cesc’ – it could be time to cash in. However every player is allowed a bad half season or so – it just depends if PV4 still has the fire in his belly. Gilberto is a great ball winner and break opposition moves up, however with all the attractive football we play we still need a midfield ‘hardman’ and although PV4 is prone to the odd dive he is still the ‘official’ club hardman? or am I being too 1970’s with a football team needing a ‘hardman’.

  27. tommigooner

    With all the rumours re: Vieira & Bobby leaving. Does anyone REALLY think they will go? My concern is that we will have a complete new look midfield as Edu has gone as well. We should be adding strength to the team and with three out of four of the midfiled leaving – that doesn’t really make for much continueity (ok granted Edu didn’t figure all the time in midfield, however we haven’t replaced his talents as yet). Hleb is a decent buy however hasn’t played in the premiership, it will take (as history tells us) a few months for him to find his feet. Also i reckon most Gooners are a bit apathetic to PV4 leaving, I must admit in previous seasons i would of been gutted for PV4 to leave, however this time round after his lack lustre (who would of thought it anyone would say that?) season, his age and the emergence of ‘Cesc’ – it could be time to cash in. However every player is allowed a bad half season or so – it just depends if PV4 still has the fire in his belly. Gilberto is a great ball winner and break opposition moves up, however with all the attractive football we play we still need a midfield ‘hardman’ and although PV4 is prone to the odd dive he is still the ‘official’ club hardman? or am I being too 1970’s/80s believing a football team needing a ‘hardman’.

  28. bongo et al

    news is reaching us -it Is Pires that Juve want.
    the Patrick Vieira link -is/was nonsense.
    there told you all along.!
    Selling PV does not make sense!
    Who would The Alsatian want as Captain?
    And Real have had a new policy installed.
    Only young talent to be pursued, ie. robinhio
    bongo et al

  29. uncle fester

    Greetings Arse fans i think AW has not played his trump cards yet i still think the beast will come its just a gut feeling RP7i think is a certainty to leave as for Paddy who knows the lovely Bongo is convinced Paddy will stay i am not convinced due to the Arse’s attitude no denial’s unlike previous seasons and i think SWP might come,if not Owen i know some of you dont rate him i do he will get the goals to fill Bobs.



  31. bongo et al

    To unc.
    You could have used other adjectives (lovely) has connotations!
    bongo et al

  32. uncle fester

    Bob has been and still is a fine player but i agree with the Arse in only giving him a 1 year extension he will still have 2 years to go taking him up to 34 DB10 as accepted this so why not Bob.

  33. Black Jack Mactar

    I’m pretty sure the PV to Juve speculation is bullshit. But if he did go & we didn’t sign a replacement . Then I’m pretty sure Ralph could do a job in central midfield. I have always thought that he was a better midfielder than right back & you only have to look at his goal tally for Cameroon & his goal tally in his first full season at Arsenal.
    But I can’t see Pat going. As regards Bob. Well you have to admit that he does pick & choose the games that he wants to play in. 17 goals a season is going to be hard to replace. If he was to go I would like to see Freddie moved to the left, with Helb or Ralph on the right ( theres that name again ) of course theres Reyes who maybe like Ronaldo at Manure started like lighting dropped off , got slagged off by his team mates, went down like a sack of shit everytime he got tackled but came good in the end. Lets hope so anyway



  35. tommigooner

    Does any REALLY believe that Bobby would leave the arse cos he wasn’t given a TWO year contract? Cant see him or anyone leaving for that sole reason. I mean if it’s good enough for DB10 then it should be good enough for anyone. And look how important he has been for the club SINCE turning 30. Bobby knows the Arsenal policy he should crack on in my opinion. However one thing his goals will be hard to replace and also the understanding he has wth Ashley Cole.

  36. Lee.

    Let face it chaps if PV4 did go we have replacements all over the squad, as has been said Lauren for one, Toure, Flamini, & that’s without the AW’s plan “B” coming into force.
    As I have said before he always has a plan “B”.
    Although I can’t help but think all this is just a smoke screen for another deal that’s going through, to head off the rest of the pack!!!


    I read at lunchtime that the A man wants to bring in maybe 2 more players and keep all those we have now.
    I totally agree and hope this happens, we cannot afford to lose paddy and bob. Where are you going to get someone who can score 17 from midfield and seems to have such an understandingdown the left with TH14. And as for paddy he is still an integral part of the team and his mere presence inspires confidence, we cant lose that.

    If last year thought us anything it is that we need quality cover in the GK/CB positions.
    Look at the stats Scored loads conceded loads.

    Come on DD sign a few blank cheques and let The A man do his magic!

  38. tommigooner

    Make you right on that last statement – everyone is talking about attacking options howwever, we know we can score – it’s at the back we need quality & that includes the GK. Seeing AW has let Taylor & Stack go – it just makes me think he has got something up his sleeve regarding a top GK – he seriously cant believe that Manuel Almunia is the answer, he’s too dodgy – one good game against Sheff. Utd hasn’t made me forget his howlers which were frightenly frequent. Also Bobby has been Arsenal’s 2nd top scorer for years now (or there abouts) cant see AW really letting him go without a fight. Also Captain Paddy is still very much an important player for the arse, one bad (half) season doesn’t make him a failure. However we do need a new GK and some more ‘quality’ defensive options.

  39. Pirate Gunner

    The club’s 30+policy is CRAP. Oldies can still make a contribution. My opinion is: either sell at high price or don’t sell at all.

  40. Pirate Gunner

    I mean, with regards to BOB, what ‘s the difference between a 1 yr and 2 yr contract? by then he will be 33 or 34 he will still be a useful player.

    As for paddy, juve speculation is BS. I agree with bongo, they’re after pires or fred. Both players have been important to us in the past, but now that we have hleb and reyes. maybe time for them to move on?

  41. tommigooner

    Kind of agree with the 30+ policy – no one is saying that the other 30’s cant do it. But it works both ways & if the player is commited to the club & vice versa it shouldn’t be a problem or is that just being plain naive in this world of the greedy ‘i want’ footballer. Also not sure about Pires/Fred moving on – Fred possibly but it would be good to see just what Hleb can do – also isn’t about time David Bentley got a run – he’s got the talent and he seems to have his ego in check – which seemed to be a big a problem as him getting some ‘game time’

  42. Bongo et al

    have just seen some footage of our new signing hleb.
    He is going to be an influential player to us – in the years to come.
    Typical Wenger- very adaptable and I think we will see this team next season.
    1. Layman
    2. Ralf
    3. ~~~~~~
    7.PAt V
    10. Thierry H.
    11. ?????

    Pires is going- Beacause we know he can not hack against ChampioNs League teams away from home- AND SO DOES THE ALSATIAN!
    Bongo et al

  43. simon talker

    i hate this time of year – its usually all bollocks that you hear in the press, agents trying to increase their clients value etc.

    one thing i am sure of , moaneyho is complete cunt. what a fucking mindless load of shite that comes out of his mouth. uber smug twat.

    dein runs the fa – just except it you chavs. ……”got the country sven-so that we could keep arsene ……….whoaa

  44. uncle fester

    Bongo i will give you a crate of beer if Paddy stays i have thought all along he will leave and i think i may be right this time.Also lets not talk about that Chavski herbert on this site he is not worth the effort.

  45. bongo et al

    Thanks unc,
    But i am Dom Pom man

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