Fog it

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I’d forgotten that the English winter can do this.

So tonight’s Milk Cup runneth over to another night after the referee apparently decided the linesmen would be near-blind if the game went ahead. There’s a joke in there somewhere.

The players will be miffed as their plane will be grounded and they’ll have to take the coach home, but the fans will the ones really fuming. Four hours up the motorway for that.

I guess the one plus side is that team will be raring to go for Saturday. Let’s hope they’re raring to go enough not to concede and end up drawing. We’re doing so much of that – we could do with an easel.

It’s a shame on other levels too; I was looking forward to the return of Lauren, who’s had an annus horribilis.

But that is that.

In other news, the grumbles of discontent about Arsenal’s decision to ban national flags are growing, and rightly so. It seems some people were upset at seeing other flags “denoting particular regions of the world”.

It’s crazy, it really is – not that they’re upset, because that’s their prerogative, but that the club has overreacted in the way it has. Is this some kind of police state?

Will they ban people wearing England shirts next?

Anyway, we haven’t heard the last of it.


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