Flurries of rumours; can’t see wood for trees

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Has anyone broken Wenger’s transfer enigma code yet? Judging by some of the guff that finds its way onto NewsNow I’d say we’re no nearer deciphering who’s in and who’s out.

Of course, Wenger’s hardly going to say is he? He never has, he never will and he never should. He just feeds the media titbits such as “a huge player is bigger than a huge name” and leaves it at that. Does that mean we will sign Peter Crouch or Niall Quinn or Ian Ormondroyd rather than someone whose surname stretches round the shoulder of their shirt? Or have I misread that one?

This story is, however, quite interesting, though the juice of the story has been bizarrely hidden away at the foot of a spurious transfer story about Roque Santa Cruz (a big name surely – 14 letters). I don’t know the provenance of the story but it’s the first time I’ve ever read about a possible return for David Dein, and that he might consider resigning from the Uzbeki holding company he sold out to in order to facilitate it. Personally, I’m sceptical about the story and wonder whether it has the whiff of PR. I merely said it was ‘interesting’. No point on commenting on it.

What else? Ah yes, France. Poor old Gael Clichy, Barry Sagna and Abou Diaby have not made the France squad, and I’m baffled by the omission of the former two. Sagna is injured but I was under the impression that he wasn’t badly crocked, and as for Clichy – what more could he do?

Flamini, well he’s in the squad, but he’s not in the Champions League next season as Milan fluffed it on the last day of the Italian season. He’s claimed in a Mirror exclusive that it wasn’t about money (hmmm) and that had Arsenal offered him a new deal last season he’d still be here. The last bit is possibly true but it’s water under the bridge now and he’s gone so that’s the last mention of Flamini.

And those are the last words from me. The sun has emerged in London this morning, which pleases me no end. Ta-da.


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