Five days to patch up the squad

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Right, well the gruesome midweek of international friendlies has been and gone and taken its usual toll. There’s no official news on Flamini’s injury that I can see – but it’s a measure of his growing importance that we’re all worried about it now. If you had to vote now on who the most improved Arsenal player this season is, it would be a straight fight between Flamini and Adebayor. That’s how far he has come on.

There are a lot of column inches doing the rounds on Theo Walcott today, which pretty much sums things up if you ask me. Few 18-year-olds are followed so avidly as he is; it can’t be easy. The crux of it all is he wants to play more, is patient to get there, thinks there is too much pressure on him and needs to keep things simple on the pitch. You can’t really argue with all that, eh.

Over in Africa, and as luck would have it all three of our players are still involved in the Cup of Nations. In all honesty, I suspect Ivory Coast will make it to the final so Toure’s return will have to wait. Good job Big Phil’s playing well then. As for Eboue – well I’ve never been his greatest fan. But for added options we need him back too.

What else? The chatter ahead of the AC Milan tie is cranking up. There’s talk of there being no Kaka or Pato, but let’s hold those horses right there. It’s early days and there are plenty of verbals to come.

I do confess that’s it for today.


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