Fanning the Flam

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Unfortunately, I seem to spend a disproportionately long amount of time checking on’s Treatment Table page to find out when or if our defensive nightmare will ease. I should know better of course – it never tells us anything new and we’re only likely to find out anymore when Arsène has his press conference tomorrow.

But it looks to all intents and purposes that Flamini will once again be called upon to play left-back, both against Fulham and Real Madrid, and of course, for a right-midfielder, he’s done really well there. He won’t win player of the month for it, but given the circumstances, perhaps he should. We have a healthy tradition at the club of midfield grafters, and no, he’s not the most explosive footballer, but as we have seen this season, dainty football played when the team is not confident gets you nowhere.

He works hard and you can’t really ask for more than that.

Big Up Matt Flamini!

Most Obvious Statement Of The Day: “I’ve got to be playing for Arsenal before I can get back in contention for England”. Thanks for that delicious insight, Ashley. Indeed you do.


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