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Wall-to-wall football – marvellous isn’t it? I’ve had a thoroughly enjoyable weekend in the sun and in front of the telly (though sadly not simultaneously). And with the exception of the second half of the England game (poor) and much of the Portugal game (poor), I’ve enjoyed the lot. And I can’t get over how cool the Allianz Arena is. Apparently it changes colours – a design feature that is undoubtedly puts one over the Jones’s. Though not so funny if you are an 1860 Munich fan – they were forced to relocate there. Can you imagine that ever happening here?

Of course, the World Cup isn’t everyone’s flavour, and it’s most certainly not Mrs Goat’s. Unfortunately for my dear lady wife, the World Cup does not send her into a frisson of excitement, quite the opposite as it happens. So before the tournament started we came to an agreement that she was allowed to fly into a rage about the amount of football I was watching (at the expense of anything else) on four separate occasions during the tournament. That’s one fit of pique every 16 games, if she followed the agreed rules to the book that is. So imagine my surprise when the doors started slamming during the Poland v Ecuador game – number two! [“Why is this one important?” she asked, to which I replied, “I once went to Poland with my dad”.]

Anyway, if she’s not careful, she’s going her entire allocation up by about Wednesday.

Number of ex-Arsenal players at the World Cup?

Six I think – Shaaban, van Bronckhorst, Vieira, Inamoto, Wiltord and Boa Morte.

Best name of the tournament

You’ll struggle to find a better one than Silva Quim (Portugal)

And in other news

Looks like TA is all set to join Pompey as assistant manager. Tone has kept his head largely down since his first managerial job ended in (let’s be honest here) failure, and at one point I did wonder whether he’d ever pick it up again, but it seems he has now, and naturally, I wish him luck.

OK, that’s yer lot. Sporadic updates to come.


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