Crossed fingers, rabbit feet and four-leaf clovers

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I went a bit bwol over these last seven days – days during which we drew Villarreal in the Champions League and edged three points clear of Villa in fourth by winning 3-1 at St. James’ Park.

We’re now on our longest unbeaten run since the Invincibles. Scarcely believable but apparently true. I suppose it never felt that way because until relatively recently we had been the Can’tscorables. So having scored no goals in three league games, we went on to score ten league goals in the following three games. What was the trigger for that? Arshavin and Walcott helped massively, but maybe it had been coming too.

Arshavin, for sure, has been a major catalyst and thus far has been the equivalent of a super-sub. He came on just after half time and has had a remarkable galvanising effect on an underachieving squad.

The turnaround in form sees van Persie full of beans. It’s nice to see a player buzzing with confidence after a season in which, for the most part, we’ve been lacking it. The same interview saw mention of his contract situation – and he was a little cryptic about that, saying: “I have a contract until 2011 and I will respect that. About my future, I can’t say much more.” No need to get too het up about these things other than to say he’s a key player for us and we need to be keeping quality and experience like that, not Flaminiing them.

When I last wrote, Hull’s manager was spraying out allegations like a gatling gun – of which we have since heard nothing. Funny that, isn’t it? Will we hear any more? I somehow doubt it.

Now as we all know, the next two weeks is given over to reflection and the crossing of fingers that we get a full allocation of players back. Usually, comes up with an article detailing all the air miles being racked up by our players. Certainly, the injured Adebayor has gone off to Togo – but won’t play so goes with Wenger’s blessing. Seems an odd thing to do but there you have it.

All things being equal, we may have a full squad to pick from for the Man City game a week on Saturday. Well, when I say full, obviously I don’t include Rosicky in that. He’s in a whole squad of his own poor lad.

But all things tend not to be equal do they?

Still, I shall cross those fingers, pray to all the necessary idols and burn all the requisite potions. That might just do it.


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