Crocks Return, No Donkeys Please

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Well here we are, midway through the usual week of snippety-snippets, with all the players jetting off hither and thither to injure themselves at the club’s expense.

Talking of which, there’s better news about some of our long-term crocks, two of whom played last night. Phil Senderos, injured playing for his country (you don’t say) in the summer, put in a whole 90 minutes for the reserves, while Gael Clichy (also injured playing for his country – you can see why Wenger whistles steam through his teeth), played 45. All good news, as we’re pretty threadbare at the back at the minute.

And that’s really about all the hard news there is.

And finally…

Live and let live and all that, but when I find myself deleting comments in moderation with links to – amongst other things – sites about donkey sex, you do have to wonder, don’t you?


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