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Can I just say at this point that’s it’s absolutely no fun commuting to work around the north circular. Not an interesting comment to make, I know, but an important one I feel. The road is too small for that many cars – that’s my expert take on the matter.

There were a few pictures in one of yesterday’s papers of Ashley Cole lolling around in shorts with his girlfriend in the Caribbean, and that pretty much sums up this time of year as far as football news goes. Yes, we’ve been linked with a man called Hleb (make a chant about that, I dare you), and a Greek bloke, but that’s about it.

So in the meantime, why not play Stick Cricket? It’s worryingly addictive.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. Farnborough Gunner

    35 postings yesterday – was that a record?

    (Yeah, ok – not much to discuss today:-)

    Not sure about the Hleb stories – and don’t know much about the player either. Probably another for the rumour archives. The greek striker sounds like a story manufactured by his father to raise his profile (he can always now say he was linked with a move to Arsenal, which won’t do his career any harm).

    Remember, Arsenal rarely discuss deals until they are done. So expect any transfers to be anounced out of the blue, probably not anyone we have been strongly linked with, or maybe someone like Owen, now the stories linking us with him seem to have blown over.

    What time does the pub open – it’s too sunny to sit in an office all day!

  2. Alan

    Myles says Hleb is a great assist maker, (15 last season, a German record). He likens him to Beckham. Can’t be bad. I’d be pissed off if we blew three and a half million on some Greek geek who ain’t going to come until next next season! Hmmmmm, pub, and 20/20 Cricket!

  3. vivb

    I’m waiting for the first blog that mentions nothing about Cole.

    Glad he is on holiday as large numbers of the squad are still playing games Brazil in the Confederations Cup will tie Lehmann and Gilberto, Fabregas, Qunicy, Senderos and Johan Djourou are playing in the world youth tournament in Holland. This will have a major impact on the squad next season as these players will need a rest.

  4. uncle fester

    sod all happening apart from newspaper crap the usaul thing the club linked with everyplayer on the planet if Ash is a slave i would have some of that lying on a beach with his woman and we must thank Barca for not wanting Titi we can all sleep sounder in our beds three days off so back to the garden for some premium rays.Alls well in Goonerville!

  5. vivb

    Barca obviously tried to tap/approach the club over TH but he’s happy where he is (for this season at least). Arsenal would not have put a warning on the web site if there was no truth in it.

    Barca have lots of political problems at the moment Laporta has ousted the other directors that were voted in with him so the pressure is on to sign big names to deflect criticism.

    £8m for Hleb seems alot, look forward to seeing which striker he goes for. Does this spell the end for Bentley though (he is not the most patient of players) or will he be competing with Bergkamp/RVP and Reyes for the second striker slot.

  6. Lee.

    Anyone know when will this new ruling were by the English / home-grown players for the CL will be implement, only all this talk about links with more foreign players cant be helpful in the long run for us i.e. maybe losing players like Bentley???

  7. halfNice

    I’ve decided to resign my job. I asked my boss for a small pay rise – only £5000 a week more and they laughed in my face. So I’m leaving them, and I’m taking them to court! I’d tell you more, but I’ve got a secret meeting with Mourinho at noon.

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