Careless, naive, error-strewn – but otherwise ‘outstanding’

“We were really outstanding”, said Wenger after last night’s draw.

Well, no, we weren’t. How can we have been?

Yes, we put on an excellent, potent attacking display. But by conceding four goals – the last two after the 88th minute – this was a far from outstanding display.

It was deeply frustrating and unforgivably poor defensive teamplay to let the three points go last night. At 4-2 we were so comfortable that 50% of the Spuds fans had gone home. So to let not one, but another two goals is simply embarrassing. At 4-3, when the jitters were all too apparent but with only a few minutes to go, we were still trying to score again – and giving the ball away doing so. Should they not have been running the ball into the corner?

It’s such a shame to have to sit here picking up and concentrating on Arsenal’s frailties, rather than our slick attacking play.

But that’s Arsenal this season; wonderful to watch going forward but an accident waiting to happen at the back. Until we begin to show some maturity and consistency, the same old questions remain valid. Such as, is Denilson really good enough to partner Cesc? Is Song good enough full stop? Does Eboue do enough? Which central defensive partnership is our best?

Let’s be honest: we haven’t got a hope in hell of challenging for the title unless we stop haemorrhaging goals and points in the way that we are.


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