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SC Weiz 0-5 Arsenal

Well it’s back to the daily grind of transfer rumours following last night’s thoroughly underwhelmling live feed of our pre-season match against SC Weiz.

As if the feed breaking up every ten seconds was not boring enough, the opposition was hardly that testing – they were from the Austrian fourth division. Pick of the goals came from Thierry, who placed what the Mirror desribes as a “cheeky chip” past the keeper, though I only heard that one, as the picture had – rather amazingly – frozen. “Defences in the Premier League are bound to be tougher”, notes the Guardian sagely.

Still, a good run-out I’m sure, and a chance to watch – through squinting eyes and gritted teeth while the sun was shining outside – young and new players alike.


Arsenal since about 1979. Thick, thin and all that.

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  1. San Francisco

    It seems that everyone agrees on where the side needs strengthening i.e.: a starting right back (as Ralph is slowing down), at least a back-up Keeper, cover for Sol, help in the mid-field, and maybe a Striker. That’s a lot!

    Given that we don’t have Chelski’s money, we have to rely on homegrown talent to fill some of those needs and AW’s negotiating skills for the rest. Wenger has to choose which positions to fill via transfers and which to fill with, “developing”, young, homegrown players.

    The reason the Beastie Boy looks like a good fit is because he is a force in the middle and plays up front too, filling two roles. Based on that, getting him signed seems like a high priority; however, as Jesus says, AW must be coy in his negotiations otherwise we will pay too much.

    It’s like playing Poker, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over. AW has demonstrated that he won’t be pressured (from people like us) into showing his cards too soon. Frustrating as it may be we have to wait and see what the maestro has up his sleeve.

  2. bongo et al

    Attn San FRancisco,

    My name is Bongo et al. You may have heard of me.!
    I have to say your points are excellent, knowledgable, markedly accurate and made with an admirable clarity.
    The above posting is a flowing piece of work- it is the sort of posting I attempt to send when i contribute.
    As I have said for a few weeks now- the Baptiste signing- is instrumental in our attempts to reclaim the Premiership.
    The ex-San Paulo Hod Carrier will be a sensation in our colors.I think the partnership of Henry and the Beast will be too much for the journey men and delinquents of the Premiership.

    The failure to get the Beast will be disappointing – But Once again THe Alsatian is attempting to snare the right players.

    I honestly believe that some ARSENAL supporters do not realise the burgeoning talent that is being nurtured at London Colney. THey should get along to the reserve games at Underhill and witness this footballing miracle.
    The last year at Highbury will witness some of the finest young players in the WORLD.
    Times have never been more exciting- The only comparison I can think of is The Great Leeds United team in the 1970’s- where there was also copious amounts of natural talent being plied at the same time.

    The Hleb signing is also excellent- from what I have seen of him and heard- he is a jinking, ubiquitous energetic player. He seems to be able to play various positions. Bentley also could be a bigger player this season than many think- especially If The Big Beast is signed.

    SO to summarise- San Franscisco- intelligent writing- I await in eager anticipation for your next contribution!
    An Excited Bongo et al

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